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When Looking for a Job Starts at 40

Updated on November 3, 2012

You have all the needed experience, you’re skilled than most of the job seekers who have applied for the job. But there is just one problem, you’re 40 years old.

More often, when job seekers show that they could competently do the job, companies would prefer younger people compared to the ones aging 40 and above. Midlife job seekers, except for senior executive level, rarely stood a chance to get the job. There are a lot of reasons why you are still looking for job at this mid-age, such as recession, business succession, and many others. If you share the same experience and you feel you’re being left behind, get to see the list below to guide you as you start looking for a job at 40.

1. Mid-age job seekers need a cover letter and a resume that looks forward, not backward. You resume shouldn’t look like you’re reading a lengthy history of the past. Try not to give much focus on the things that you have done, a few relevant and impressive points may be included in your work experience. Limit your resume to 2-3 pages and try out a different perspective on what could you still do for the industry you are applying for.

2. Try not to appear overqualified for the position by softening your job titles in your resume of curriculum vitae.

3. Do not be ashamed of showing dates. They speak of how long you’ve been in the industry, and how much experience you have gained in these long years. Don’t be defensive when things about when did you start working, and how long have you’ve been off work, and all the details with regards to dates. Remember also to show enthusiasm even at your current age to the things that you still want to attain while being in the business.

4. Learn new things and keep up with the pace by updating your knowledge before you sent out your application to potential employers. Show them that ‘old dogs can still learn new tricks’. It is important that you evolve as a career person as technology and information now grows exponentially. It would be plus points if you could show that you’re still in the circle and could keep up with younger people after all those years.

5. Do not limit yourself to the field you are working on. If possible, try out new careers that you think your skills, abilities, and experience would be useful. It is never too late for transition when you still have the passion and right attitude for work.

6. Keep yourself fit and healthy and eat a balanced diet. We don’t want the companies thinking that you’re on for an early retirement.

7. Don’t be intimidated when being interviewed by a younger manager. Make sure that you also stress some points where you worked well with younger leaders, and that you are a team player.

8. If you have recently attended training courses to further improve your career, make sure you highlight them to show your willingness to learn even at a later age. If you have computer skills, make sure you flaunt it too. Most people would think it as an advantage when you are computer savvy.

9. Connect with people who could help you find a job and vouch for your abilities and job experience. Ask for recommendations and job referrals, if applicable.

10. Stop feeling that you were left out because of your age. Stay young at heart and always be yourself. You’ve reach this far already, and other job seekers are just starting to bud. Focus only on the improvements you could bring in your potential company.

Indeed, job search might be really tough when you have only started it. Always remember that you are not left behind.


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