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When the Moon is Shining, Make Ideas Into Reality.

Updated on February 2, 2015

Moon of Inspiration

Full Moon Rising, Painting
Full Moon Rising, Painting | Source
Ring around the Moon, Playing
Ring around the Moon, Playing | Source
Moon Resting On Tree Top, Posing
Moon Resting On Tree Top, Posing | Source
Moon Dance, Practicing
Moon Dance, Practicing | Source

Understand Moon Phases

It is said the moon rules the emotions. She gets us in touch with our feelings.

Each phase of the moon has a different effect on our emotions, and on nature itself.

She has the power to control the seas, pulling the tides in and out.

Since the full moon is the strongest, this is a great time to make ideas into the reality of starting new ventures. Ventures of success, that fit not the pattern of goals already set.

Endurance, for a month? Along the phases of the moon. There are 5.

New Moon: tiny sliver, glowing bright in spring.

Waxing Moon: bigger crescent, soon a bright half

Full Moon: full circle, shining bright, lighting up the night

Waning Moon, half Moon, disappearing once again

Fifth phase, Dark Moon out of sight

when the moon is not seen at all.

Each phase of the moon has an effect on our emotional responses to real ideas.

For example, during the waxing moon;

Think and say and do, positive affirmations to grow confidence. Say them out loud in front of a mirror, or draw them, paste them, on mirrors, around the house to reflect positive confidence back upon ourselves.

Or during a waning moon;

Picture your problems fading away, as the moon grows smaller again from our view. What unwanted characteristic would we like to be gotten ride of, out of our life?

During the dark moon;

This is a perfect time to think about what idea to make into reality.

Be ready to go into the new moon physically. We can do this by spending some quality time exercising and devotion to healthy eating. Then we can act, with positive energy we need. Onward with the idea we've chosen to bring to reality.

We came across these interesting moon phases ideas from "Enhancing Your Body Mind Spirit", Nature Magic series.

Expressive Moon

Peek A Boo Moon
Peek A Boo Moon | Source
Moon Burst
Moon Burst | Source
What Makes You Blue, Moon?
What Makes You Blue, Moon? | Source

11 Ideas to Make into Reality

  1. Awake with the Dawn
  2. Keep Promises to Ourselves
  3. Plan Road Trips and Go
  4. Decide by Doing, Not just Thinking
  5. Stop a Procrastination, Get Back on Task
  6. Find Ways to Like the Job at Hand
  7. Take A Break
  8. Save for the Unexpected
  9. Let it Go
  10. Which Ones Keep Coming Back?
  11. Sleep with the phase of the Moon in your dreams

Create a Road Block to This Way of Life

From our childhood days, some of us don't like our failures laughed at or criticized. Mistakes being shared in front of others causes us shame, why?

Some huge triggers and blunders that have followed us all of our life. Do we need to look into the mirror we hold for others? I guess it boils down they don't like looking in the mirror image I hold for them any better than I do. Then why do it? We each have a role to play. To some degree it becomes important to figure out what it is.

Too much of the wrong kind of pride, so we must be lying to ourselves to some degree.

We grow stagnant so fast once we learn the ropes at a job. When it becomes dull routine we wanna go traveling. Time to change jobs or feel inspired to do my own thing? Whatever that may be. Then we begin to answer the questions.

This is when we begin to realize my disease. First of all is to heal. For some of us, that is a big deal. We cannot make any idea real when our disease has free reign. We need to stop ignoring our diseases, it is affecting our dreams.

Obviously, we love writing, do it even when we don't have anything important to say. We have been writing journal crap since we were kids. What then were the dreams made of?

Pick One Idea A Month

Fighting back the tears of negativity that tries to tear me down, saying we’re not good enough. Good enough in God’s eyes, as he created all of us, Forget the people that only know how to say what is not done right, instead of noticing how much good you can do, or how you have improved. There is no longer any reality to the ideas of this way of life.

I hate this society that only points out our needs and not the daily blessings we receive of fresh air and fresh water and a will to breathe!

That way of thinking has never worked with me, fear comes again that finding a boss with understanding like that may come before we get the money saved and all the bills paid off. So many would stay, but I am more afraid to not being true to myself, or just have this unquenchable need to be out in the fresh air, way more than others dare, some even say, get an outdoor job then, maybe I will.

Emotional Moon

The moon is still shining so bright in the dawn of the morning as I awake to this cold house, and turn on some lights. Making my mind up to go driving somewhere so the warmth of the sun can warm my cold bones and breathe the fresh air. It’ll be hours before the sun hits the yard fully, have enough time to drive up the Nisqually highway.

Thanks for being able to travel so lightly, don’t know what it is about this time of year that makes me want to move and start over. The computer screen came on as I was leaving, still decided I needed nothing better than the sun on my face, any news on the computer would have to wait.

Travel writing is a concept to consider. It is another one of those conceptions that until strapped on, indulged in, and actually performed to some extent, cannot be done, any other way than to do.We finally tried it. Now we know. map it out, what stories do we want to do out of it?We so need a story board. So quit forgetting to get one.Make ideas a reality, one at a time.Only the ideas that fit into the same category.

Dancing With the Full Moon

© 2012 Maree Michael Martin

How do Moon Cycles Effect You?

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    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 4 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Yep, so true, thanks Brinafr3sh

    • Brinafr3sh profile image

      Brinafr3sh 5 years ago from West Coast, United States

      Hi Ruby, We have to keep our dreams and visions in our hearts and minds. Voted up.