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When you Live in Delhi

Updated on April 30, 2014

Having marked it's presence on the global map, Delhiallures people from all corners of the world and not only India. Number of expats are living here and earning their bread and butter in Delhi, whichis a live example of Delhi being suitable for people from all walks of life. Being a host to CWG in 2010 it has undergone a lot of changes in its infrastructure, beit roads, hotels, flyovers, stadiums, railway stations and airport ever thing has been revamped and refurbished which has improved the daily life of people living here in this city.

So here in this article I am going to share the first hand account of every bit I know about the city which Ihave acquired by living here.

What to do in Delhi

This article will help those who are planning to relocate to Delhi for Jobs and to some extent wanderers and backpackers will too find it informative. Delhi is the epicenter of a wide spectrum of activities be it political to commercial to cultural to social, living in Delhi will help you grow in all walks of life. Its the best place for hobbyists, innumerable groups which you can join insocial networks organizedworkshops, meeting, conferences which you can attend. Cultural events which happen all around the calendaryear are a window to the world as you can be an audience to play, skits, recitals, dances, exhibitions by artists from all over the world. Prominent institutes from India and all over the world have contact centers in and around Delhi, whichare great avenues to learn and grow while earning.

Mix of Cultures

In Delhi you'll find people from all across the globe and India. Meeting and working with people from different ethnicity, region, race or country might become a part of your daily lifeonce you move here. Easy access to all corners of the world has allowed the settlement of expats. Also with its connection to prominent cities of India one of the key forces behind Delhi alluring people from all directions of the country to move here to live and work. Living in Delhi will allow you to experience and relish various cultures from all over the country and the globe. Theme based exhibitions and fairs, showcasing the culture, tradition, food and other social practices from a region or community are a good way to acquaint yourself with a variety of cultures. With the cocktail of vivid cultures and being a part of the mix, makes you understand the diversityof our country at one single place.

Deli of Cuisines

Delhi a perfect place for those who have their stomach larger than life! Yes, Food is something which can make you go bonkers. A deliof cuisines from all states of our country and abroad. Not just prominent chain of restaurantsand fast food joints have outlets here, however a wide variety of authentic cuisines which you can taste and savorin Delhi. Five star hotels like Maurya Sheraton, Taj Ambassador, Hyatt offer buffet during lunch and dinner hours for those who are fond of fine dinning. Many established restaurants from pre-independence era serve classical flavorsfrom the past. Living here might add a lot of calories in your life if you cannot resist the urge to taste the irresistibleflavours of Delhi.

After Work Hours

If you are a party freak, a gym maniac, or a compulsive shopper, Delhi helps you maintain a perfect work life balance. Shopping malls, multiplexes, restaurants, cafes and pubs are a perfect spot to unwind post work hours. For those who are sports enthusiasts world class sports facilities are easily accessible to anyone residing in Delhi, by paying an hourly charge you can play the sport of your choice. Weekends are the best part of the week in Delhi. Parties are organized by each and every pub or watering holes in hotels or at the pubbing street of Delhi, called as Hauz Khas Village. You can go to the village to grab a beer and to listen to the music of your choice and recharge yourself for another week at work.

Opportunities in Delhi

Delhi is also a commercial capital with the presence of major global brands and Indian brands in all sectors, makes it a more favorable job destination for people from all levels. Jobs in Delhi are constantly available for which you can either apply online via job boards like Careerbuilder or through human resource consultants. Delhi serves as a platform for professionals from all sectors, to grow and nurture in their respective careers. BPO, IT, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Healthcare, BFSI, FMCG, Automobile and Consulting; all job profiles and roles are available to professional;s who want to undergo a significant growth in their careers are welcomed here. Moving to Delhi for better career opportunities can be a life changing decision as the opportunities here are endless and rewarding for those who want to uplift and enhance their careers.

Living in Delhi will make you be a part of the global environment this city thrives in, all the while being amidst the history of the colonial past of the country. Higher standards of living, better compensation, quality life are the rewards of moving to this city which will take some time to shape up and make things better for you. Working here will serve as an auspicious learning opportunity by being a part of the global working environment along with a staggering growth in your career.


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