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When you work from home or for yourself do you get time off?

Updated on May 31, 2017
When you work at home do you get time off photo
When you work at home do you get time off photo

When you work from home or for yourself do you get time off?

Have you ever thought of working from home or working for yourself? Working from home or working for yourself is great right? You can get limitless time off and do a limitless number of things. That is the perception anyway. What is the reality of it, or do you get time off? If you do how much time do you get off and do you feel like you should be working when you are taking time off? Working from home or for yourself can be great because you can make your own hours. You can take time off whenever you want or can you? A lot of people see oh make your own hours work from home, jobs and they jump at them because they are going to be easy right? Well, it is not as easy as one might think even though that is the way it looks.

Working from home, or for yourself, is one of the hardest things to do. it is a limitless struggle to get things done in a timely manner. You have to be very dedicated and able to stay on task 24/7 if you don’t know how to do that, you won’t get anywhere. If you work from home or for yourself, you can shop whenever you want or clean your house, go out with friends, that sort of thing right? Wait, hold on have you worked today? Or are you putting it off? That is the thing that you can’t do put work off you don't have limitless amounts of free time. Yes sure you’re working from home, so you can be comfortable in whatever you want to wear and work whenever you want because you are working for yourself. Well if you don’t keep up a clientele, or keep up selling what you are offering or writing if you are writing for someone else, then where is that money?

There is none? Right, or am I right? Sure working for yourself or from home has great advantages, but you still need to get work done in order to live. A lot of people might say that because they work outside of the house they are better at focusing on what needs to be done and getting it done because they have a job and a boss that is depending on them. Have they ever tried working from home or running their own business? These are the types of questions you have to ask people if they question what you are doing with your life. Not in a nasty way even though you might want to because they make you so angry, but in a civilized and nice way. If people ask you what you do in a day because you work for yourself or from home tell them exactly what you do, they might not think that working from home or working for yourself is considered work but not everyone is the same.

But back to the task at hand when you work from home or for yourself, do you get time off? Yes, you probably do but you have a schedule it to make it work for what you are doing at the time. For example, working from home cleaning up, cleaning your house, doing laundry, cooking that isn’t time off. Am I right or am I right? Although that isn’t part of your job that you are doing usually it still isn’t time off. Time off is not focusing on anything but either your kids or yourself, depending on your situation. Relaxing in front of the TV with a movie, going out with friends that are what I consider to be time off. Something where you are not thinking of, work at all. Going on vacation would be an example of this. For example, there are many different versions of time off, for me last week I didn’t write at all, I called last week my idea week. And if I am a blogger and I didn’t write does that mean I didn’t work? Or someone has a business and the phone didn’t ring does that mean they didn’t work? No that just means they did something else related to their job that will benefit whatever they are doing in the future.

Quotes about working for yourself or from home
Quotes about working for yourself or from home

You schedule your time off when you work from home

These are the things that happen behind the scenes that nobody knows about. These things make your blog or business run like it should. Since you work from home or for yourself you are always thinking about work, how to better it what changes need to be made those types of things, your brain never shuts off, even when it is time for bed. Is that correct? So sure you might try to take time off, and do something else, but what is at the back of your mind nagging you to think about, your work right? I know that I am new at blogging but I am making it one of my jobs related to journalism so I know what it is like to have a brain that never shuts off. When you work from home or for yourself, your work is never done. There is always something to do, even if you try to take some time for yourself that is why the people that work for themselves or work from home take vacations away from their homes. If you work from home or for yourself and you really want to get away from work that is what you need to do.

If you work from home or for yourself you have to be very focused on the task at hand, you can’t be thinking about other things even though it might bug you when you look around your messy house. There is more discipline than anything else because you always take time off but will you be making money if you take too much time off? When is it okay to take time off? Will you get what you want to be done if you take time off? Or will you fall behind and lose out in money that could make or break the rest of your year of work?

So if you work from home or for yourself, yes you get time off, if you schedule it. But that is the only way you get the time off. People who own their own business or work from home are very dedicated to what they do because they are completely scheduled until the day ends in order to get the job done. You have to be dedicated to your work to have such a strict schedule to follow.

For example, I am a very dedicated freelancer and blogger, because sure I will take weeks off to think up a list of ideas but that’s all I do and then the next week I write on the ideas that I think up either all morning until 2 pm or later or all afternoon until the wee hours of the evening. It just depends on the day that I have had If I don’t do any of this though I wouldn’t be anywhere with my blog or my writing. So if you are thinking of working from home or working for yourself, just remember yes you get time off but you have to also be very dedicated to the job in order to get that time off.

work from home
work from home

How do you feel about working from home?

When you work from home, do you feel like you are always working with no time off? I ask myself this question all the time because I feel as though all I do is work. Since I work from home, it is always calling to me so I feel like I need to do it, all the time. So do I get time off not really, Do you feel the same if you work from home?

When you work from home or for yourself do you get time off let's discuss not only that topic but how you like this hub.

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      Flexibility when you start work is always good

    • Meggan Dunn profile image

      Meggan Dunn 2 years ago from Winnie, TX

      I work from home but the company I work for has set hours I must work in a day. I do get the flexibility of when I start work.