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When your job comes to an end

Updated on July 2, 2014

When your job comes to an end

Despite constant bad news about the economy and the amount of jobs that are being shed it still came as a real surprise to find that mine was one of them.

Its the first time that I have ever been made redundant and so I also wasn't sure what I was supposed to be feeling. On the one hand it was a sense of amusement that I had done such a good job and set revenue to growth consistently into the future that they felt safe that if I went it would continue on.

I also found it amusing that my CEO also didn't actually understand what my job was about.

It did come as a very pleasant surprise however to find that when I started to tell people outside of the company that I had been working on projects with that I had been let go, that they wanted to continue on with the projects with me.

And this has reinforced a very important lesson.

Firstly it is the position, not the person that has been made redundant so it is important to not give up on yourself and become depressed about it.

Second is to reach out to those people in the industry that you know and tap into the networks that you have. established. People are out there that have valued the contribution that you have made and may want to see that relationship continue, Don't be afraid of that and don't be afraid to put yourself forward to take on new things.

It is a time when self-doubt can start to take over and leave you paralyzed, but it is very important to work through those feelings really quickly when and if they crop up and come out of them back on track with a sense of what you were doping beforehand.

If you stay committed to your own direction and well being then you will come through the redundancy a stronger person and far more ready to re-enter the workforce whether it be for someone else or for yourself.


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