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Where Does Web Traffic Comes From?

Updated on October 10, 2011

It's all in the traffic

Traffic is the most important part of your hubs because without traffic you will make no money, you will get no comments and no one will know about your work.

However, knowing where the traffic comes from is critical to be able to expose your hubs to millions of readers monthly.

Most of your traffic will come from hubpages. Hubpages currently has more than 8 million unique readers a month. Most of your hubpages traffic will come from Hubpages home page, from the hubpages search, from links other hubs have to your hubs and also from the comments you write on other people's hubs.

The second most important source of traffic is Google. 97% of the people using the internet use a search engine and mostly Google, actually Google has a market share of 80% around the world. Hubpages scores really high on Google so when you write a hub, it will rank high enough to attract clicks.

Other sources of traffic include links that people create from their blogs or sites directly to your hubs but these are smaller sources of traffic.

Now what can you do to increase the traffic you get from Hubpages website? First write more hubs, if you write one hub a day, after three years you will have published more than one thousand hubs and each of them will receive traffic from Hubpages. This is great for people looking to generate serious passive income online. Each hub should have at least 1000 words, links to other people's hubs and also to your own hubs. Second, comment every day on other people's hubs, especially on people who you are following. They want their work to be recognized, so when you comment, you expand your reach by giving the readers your opinion and point of view and of course there will be a link back to your profile and thus your latest hubs. Third, answer questions, there are newbies who do not know how to use hubpages very well. Teach them how and they will go to your hubs.

To increase your Google traffic all you need to do is to get as many incoming links as possible to your hubs, especially your Hubpages' profile. Submit your link to every blog and site directory you can find. You should aim to have at least 1000 incoming links to your hubpages, if you cannot have all these links, you will not rank as high as you could and thus not get enough traffic. If you have blogs, make a link on the homepage and if you can, on every page. To make incoming links to your hubs use Google pages, Blogger, Wordpress, Squidoo, everything you can write on and make a link.

Finally to get traffic fro external sites you just need to make outstanding comments on these pages and people will read, like it, and come back to your hubs using the link.

Automation is the secret to Hubpages riches

Do you want to get rich writing hubs? You ought to be rich writing hubs, that is a sign you worked hard and helped people with your knowledge, expertise, opinions and points of view.

Hubpages is the leading website, in terms of unique visitors, of the entire web. Yes, that's right, Hubpages is the best website of its kind to write for and to make money with. The perfect combination of speed, simplicity and credibility makes hubpages the best website to share your knowledge with.

However to get as many readers as possible to make money with clicks and sales means you need to automate the process as much as you can to avoid wasting time with routine work.

First, automate how you share your articles on ping dot fm. There is one thing called RSS, which means, when you link your Hubpages RSS to ping dot fm, all your hubs will be automatically shared with all your ping dot fm networks, from Facebook, to Twitter, and even with minor networks like Delicious and Tumblr.

Second, automate as much as possible your Facebook shares. You should share your hubs with as many people as possible on Facebook. Not only you will share on your wall, but also on as many groups as possible related to writing and knowledge. Open about 20 groups and paste the URL on each one. Since you cannot use RSS on them, manual work is a must but with experience you will spend just 1 minute updating all these 20 groups.

Finally you need to make a template of your articles to speed up your writing speed. The templates I use depend on what I write about but most of the times I make a list of the keywords I am going to use, plus I make the introduction, I add Amazon books, I keep on writing the body, I add another Amazon capsule and finally I add my RSS and maybe a poll at the bottom.

You can never write automatically and all the products who claim doing it are fakes. Just imagine if you had to write a newspaper written by bots. Would you read it? Of course not. If you cannot connect deeply and personally with your readers, how can you expect to have readers? They will come once to your hubs and after than they will stop reading you. Keep on writing by hand what you know and feel and readers will come!

About using other smaller writing websites

In one word?


They do not have enough traffic to feed your bank account that allows you to continue to write. Even though I make enough money with them to keep on writing, the traffic will go down as time elapses and makes all your hard work not profitable enough. For example, I wrote more than 1000 articles for Triond and my last payment was of just 3$...

Hubpages alone is enough keep your belly well feed.


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    • writing4action profile image

      writing4action 6 years ago

      I left them out because they are not as powerful as search engines are.

    • mesacleanpools profile image

      mesacleanpools 6 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

      How could you leave out the social components of traffic? Twitter and Facebook are strong enough to be listed in hubpages buttons.