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Where is Apple Inc. Headed?

Updated on September 16, 2013

Apple Thinks Different

One of the best business success stories in the entire history of business would be the story of 'Apple'. Two 'think tanks' started the company and built it to glory. They were Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The company began in 1976 and after three and a half decades, the company is an untouchable technology giant.

Apple is a name closely tied up with the term 'innovation'. If Apple introduced a product-it was an innovation of sort. This was mainly due to the genius of Steve Jobs. He came up with the concept of 'Think Different' for Apple's marketing campaigns. And they did not forget to stand by their motto. Apple iPhone, Apple MacBooks, Apple iPads, iPods, iTunes, iCloud and a hundred more computer and mobile accessories. These were all a step ahead of the time always.

Unfortunately Steve Jobs had to leave this world in late 2011, leaving a void that none could fill in. His genius brought Apple to the position it stands today and without him the company is like a ship without sails. After the demise of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook was appointed the CEO of Apple Inc. and things have not been so 'smooth' since.

iPhone 5S comes in Black, White and Gold and iPhone 5C comes in a range of colors.
iPhone 5S comes in Black, White and Gold and iPhone 5C comes in a range of colors.


Probably Apple's greatest invention was the smartphone which they named 'Apple iPhone'. As expected the iPhone made Tsunami waves of tides in the technological world. Such inventions brought Apple to the world's leadership position in smartphones.

From it's birth till iPhone 4S, Steve Jobs did his magic on the smartphones and in his absence the 'wow' factor of new iPhones have ceased very much. iPhone 4 released and then came iPhone 4S-S? Yes, S for Siri-an innovative technology that allows you to control your smartphone with your own voice commands. And THAT sells!!! iPhone 5 came out and the wow factor was that the screen was a few inches larger than 4S. WOW indeed!!! Now iPhone 5S comes out and they seem to be loosing all sorts of sense now.

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S has a very few 'upgrades' than it's predecessor, iPhone 5. There is no change in screen size, there is an improved iOS and there is a fingerprint detector. This is barely what Apple mobiles stand for. Innovation has been lagging very much in the handsets that are being released and as an Apple enthusiast, I am worried.

a genuine review of iPhone 5S. Buy or not to buy?

Your thoughts count...

What is your genuine opinion about iPhone 5S and 5C?

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iPhone 5C - Biggest Blunder?

Along with iPhone 5S, Apple has decided to release another version of the smartphone, named iPhone 5C.

iPhone 5C is a cheaper version of the iPhone 5S and lacks some features of the 5S too. Even worse, they come in multiple colors (like toy phones) and the casing is entirely plastic. What is Apple trying to achieve here? Apple has been the kind of brand name that everyone looked up to and respected. Owning an iPhone meant prestige. Owning MacBooks meant prestige. There was a certain class for iPhone owners. But what will happen when they release a cheaper version of the phone?

This move will lead to many downfalls for Apple, in my perspective. I see this move as a choice of last resort by Apple in facing with the heavily competitive smartphones industry, currently lead by Samsung.

On the other hand, this may work for Apple if they decide to give up their 'prestige' position and come down the ladder a bit. So far Apple had maintained a certain standard-a certain way of life for Apple users. Now with these cheap iPhones everything could change. Apple used to conquer the mobile industry with a single version of the iPhone-nothing more, nothing less. But now they are attempting to diversify, which could only mean that Apple is bowing down to the competition and accepting that one handset is not merely enough to fight Samsung's vast range of handsets.

There have been steady decreases in the Apple Inc. stock prices as response to these moves by Apple. Apple will need a 'good' product for the prices to get back on top. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia Mobiles affect all this.

Still Leader in Laptops...

Although Apple mobile seems to be a bit sluggish in performance, other divisions of Apple are performing well. Specially Apple's next biggest asset-computers and computer accessories.

MacBook Pro is probably the best laptop available right now-everything considered. It's beautiful, powerful and stylish. And that is Apple.

Apple is doing very well with iPad (newer iPad 2), iPod and all other computer accessories as well. It is not like there is no competition for these products. There is intense competition for tablets market with the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 coming up very soon.

What the future holds...

It is no secret that Apple Inc. heavily depended on the genius of Steve Jobs. But now has come the time to find another genius. Apple needs more think tanks. Apple needs to do something new. Apple needs to get back on track and onto the number one position where it belongs.

I'm pretty sure that there are more innovations that Apple has not revealed to the world yet. I hope they will come in time. Let us hope that the next iPhone would be nothing less than a big WOW.

iPhone 6

Already tech-geeks are talking about the Apple iPhone 6. It seems like they are pretending they didn't see the iPhone 5S and 5C. As Apple fans we are looking over the iPhone 5S and into iPhone 6, hoping for a better outcome. Let's just hope that they have something up there sleeve for iPhone 6. iPhone 6 will most likely be announced in first half of 2014.

Your thoughts...

This is just my opinion and the hub is always open for discussion. Leave your thoughts on the new iPhone and about Apple Inc. in general.

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© 2013 Nimesh De Silva


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