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Where is Googe Keyword tool? | Keyword Planner Replaces

Updated on September 8, 2013
Keyword Planner Replaces Google Keyword Tool
Keyword Planner Replaces Google Keyword Tool | Source

Where is External Google Keyword Tool?

Not many people yet know that Google has retired its external google keyword tool. But the features and service can still be accessed with "Keyword Planner", which is inside google Adwords.

Now, so many think that they lost it completely when they hear about adwords. No, all you'll have to do is go to google adwords, login with any of your google account==>Tools and analysis==>keyword planner. That's it!!.

Watch a live screen Overview Of Google Keyword Planner

Why would google retire Keyrword tool

Well, that's a good question and there are a lot of concerned people out there; some are every angry about what google has done.

But hey, from a business point of view, i think they did something beneficial.The actuality is they are not limiting anyone from using the service. I think all google intend to do is to get more people inside google adwords to use the keyword planner for their individual research needs and thereby increase the business with google adwords.

It is a fact that tons of people were accessing google keyword tool every single day for their seo research and related usage, but never even think about google adwords eventhough it was an extension of adwords.

Does google charge for Keyword Planner?

No, you do NOT have to pay a single penny to use keyword planner. All you need to do is to login to adwords with a google account.

Is there any changes from Keyword tool?

Yes, Keyword planner is not as same as keyword tool. But there are more advantages than some disadvantages.

The main differences are there is no match type data for the search volume, no device targetting, shows average search from all devices instead of computers and laptops alone.

Read all the changes in following link:

Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner

My Take On Google Keyword Planner...

Was first shocked to know that they are retiring google keyword tool, but when i started using google keyword planner i was relieved. It took some time for me to understand and to use it. As i mentioned above, the changes from keyword tool takes a while to understand.

But, there are a whole lot more to keyword planner than keyword tool once you know how to put the pieces of puzzle together. It shows the search volume in a new pattern now; and Also, shows different groups of related keywords.

I tested with these keyword groups (which is still trying to learn more on) and got good results with few of my articles and my videos to rank better. What it actually show is the pattern on how google search engine reads and interprets a keyword. so if you look at it and think backwards, you can use it to your advantage.

Let me explain, If you go into each group of keywords from keyword planner, it shows you a lot of different versions of the keyword you enter. That means, the search bot sees it as a connection to your main keyword. Now, if you can hand pick a bunch of keywords from those groups, and put it in your articles or descriptions of your content appropriately/legitimately; what you'd be doing is to call the attention of search bot to your content.

Now, there are a lot more factors involved in this process. Like, search demand, volume, relevance of a keyword to your topic, etc etc. I am not saying that your content is going to rank top right away, but you have a lot more information at hand to consider once you get used to keyword planner. My point is that once you learn how to do this, keyword planner will be much easier and more powerful than looking at the information from the retired keyword tool.


I see a lot more advantages than negatives to keyword planner. I'd suggest you to go login to adwords and start to get a feel of it to know more about it.

As of now im still in the process of testing and tweaking with the different info it gives on keywords. Will be making more videos on how to use keyword planner to get higher ranking on search engines. Please do comment and let me know if you see any different results or a new way to use it for all of our betterment. Thanks!!

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