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Where to Download the Best Free Business Plan Software

Updated on February 6, 2012

Preparing a business plan can be an extremely involved business for those new to the process, as well as those with experience. However, anyone preparing a plan does not need to start completely from scratch and there are ways to find assistance that can speed up the process.

Business plan software is one of the best options available these days. This generally provides templates and instructions to help those producing a plan and one of the most cost effective options is free business plan software. Plus there are free options out there as well. This article looks at those and helps you develop your business plan using the best free business plan software.

I'd also like to add that this is a completely unbiased review and all of the software does a good job and will help you write a professional business plan and none of the links are affiliate.

Free business plan software

There is no need to hand over your hard earned money to create a successful and professional business plan.
There is no need to hand over your hard earned money to create a successful and professional business plan. | Source

Capital Business Plan

The business plan software free download from Capital Business Plan is specifically aimed at business start-ups and takes into account the main sections that should be included in a plan. This covers Business Description, the Market Potential of a new company, the Marketing Plan, the Operations Plan, Management and Employees, and finally the Executive Summary. Put together these six sections will produce an efficient and effective business plan and the software makes this easier to do. The Capital Business Plan software is internet based, such that you can download it easily onto an office computer for use. However, because the details are stored on the internet it is then available from any computer that is internet enabled. This can make it useful, in that a manager does not actually need to be in the office to work on the business plan and as long as they can get access to an internet enabled PC they can see the information and work on the plan. The software also enables the production of a cover page, allows the use of images and spell checks the work as it is prepared. The free business plan writing software from Capital Business Plan should help improve the quality and ensure a professional looking finish to the document.

Business plan Importance

Having a business plan makes you more likely to succeed
Having a business plan makes you more likely to succeed


Another company that offers free business plan writing software designed for use on the internet is iPlanner. Their basic software option is available at no cost and can be used in the preparation of business plans and financial projections. The software has a ready to use plan template and financial projection sheet that can help quickly develop a customized business plan for a new venture. The software is compatible with Microsoft and Mac PCs and should therefore be easily available for most entrepreneurs to use. For this reason it can be a good option to consider.


Planware is another of the companies on the internet that offers a free business plan software download. The company markets their software as freeware meaning it is available for any company to download and use as a basis for preparing a business plan. The software includes a 48 page business plan template in Word format that sets out the style of the plan and this can easily be amended to include the relevant details for a company. The software also includes a business plan writing guide that provides helpful information on what should be included in a plan and covers the various sections included in the template. Planware also offer the Exl-Plan Free software for download. This is Excel based financial projection sheets that can be used in the initial stages of planning for a business venture and are useful for company owners and managers producing a business plan. For those looking to find a simple way to write a business plan in an easy to understand format, downloading the Planware details can be a good choice.

Business plan charts and graphs

You don't need to be a wizz on Excel to make professional charts and graphs.
You don't need to be a wizz on Excel to make professional charts and graphs.

Business plan Charts

A chart or diagram can graphically display information in a way that makes it more effective and easier to understand. The use of charts can also add a little interest and color to a business plan that helps make it stand out from the crowd. Those interested in this can download free business plan software for making charts from Business Plan Charts. The software can produce a variety of different chart styles from simple line and bar charts to more complex bubble, pie and radar charts. Simply registering for the service enables the software to be used and for the benefits that charts can add in visually representing data it can be a good service to use when writing a business plan.

Strategy Insight

Another useful free business plan software idea is provided by Strategy Insight. This can be used by those in the initial stages of a new business venture to help them decide whether the concept is viable. The software basically asks a business owner around 60 questions about their proposed venture. Based on the answers and the software’s extensive industry and marketing knowledge base it can make an assessment of the chances of a business venture being a success and identify potential pitfalls that an owner will need to consider. This can make it a great tool for an entrepreneur to use when making a judgment call as to whether it is worth the time and expense to produce a full business plan.

Free business plan software trials

Free trials are great just be sure to cancel it before the end of the trial.
Free trials are great just be sure to cancel it before the end of the trial.

Free Trials

A quick word of caution before I continue here, be sure to check the T&C's and cancel your subscription in plenty of time otherwise you may be charged.

Much of the best business plan software on the market needs to be bought and paid for. However, in many cases companies offer a free trial download, which can demonstrate whether the software is suitable for the needs of company owners and managers. For those that cannot find a completely free business plan software down load that suits their needs this is an option to consider. It should help to make sure that any money they do eventually spend is not wasted. PlanHQ is one of the business plan firms that offer this type of deal for their business planning software.

A business plan is a key element in the progression of a new venture from planning to operation. It is therefore a critical document that all company managers and owners need to consider producing. Those that require help in producing a plan can look to some of the free business plan software options available on the internet. These are a cost effective way to find assistance that can speed up the production of the document and make it as professional as possible.


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      saitam 5 years ago from Lisbon

      Nice hub. It is useful to know this software. I have already made BP but only in Excel.