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Where to Outsource for Ideal Workers

Updated on October 18, 2014

Undoubtedly, outsourcing has become one of the biggest blessings that benefit the business world today. Besides boosting productivity, hence revenue and growth, it has made this possible in less time and with minimum expense. | Source
Ways to Maximize Outsourcing
Ways to Maximize Outsourcing | Source

However, despite the proliferation of outsource firms these days, finding the right ones who can supply ideal workers is becoming a problem. Employers invariably look for workers who are intelligent, trustworthy, loyal, responsible, and who are willing to give 101% effort in discharging their duties for the company they work for. Although there may be workers who have these qualities, they usually come far between and for a price which are beyond most companies can afford, especially the small and medium size ones or those who are just starting their business.

This situation often result to many employers hiring workers who do mediocre jobs commensurate to the cheaper salaries they are willing to pay for. This sad situation defeats the purpose of outsourcing to increase productivity and support company growth.

Fortunately, this problem of finding the ideal workers can be avoided. It is just a matter of knowing the right places to look for them, and the Philippines is one of those right places.

Philippines City Lights
Philippines City Lights | Source

US & Greater Europe Top Outsourcing Country by Year 2014-15

English Proficiency
Skill Set
Cost Index
Average rating for year 2013 - 2014

In the Philippines, the communication problem, a key problem that plagues outsourcing, is avoided. A study conducted by the Outsourcing Centre with 305 buyers and providers across North America, Europe, Asia and India shows that 25% of the reasons for outsourced project failing are due to poor communication. This is a crucial factor when companies look for outsource providers as business partners. It is important to note, however, that no less than the Global English Corporation has declared Philippines as the top among the 10 best countries in business English proficiency in the world, even beating the US for the title! This is why outsourcing in the Philippines has surpassed that of big countries like China and India.

Filipinos 2nd Main Language
Filipinos 2nd Main Language | Source

Besides their fluency in the English language, both orally and in writing, many of its employable citizens are properly educated, intelligent, talented, trustworthy, and naturally hardworking. In addition, most are willing to receive respectable compensation as long as their employers treat them with respect. Filipinos (that is how the nationals of the Philippines are referred to) put more value on personal relations and dignity more than money. If treated reasonably well, they are loyal workers who usually stay in their places of employment for years.

How to Outsource to the Philippines

It is small wonder, indeed, that most employers across the globe prefer Filipino overseas workers in their service. When they hire reliable workers in the Philippines, they are assured that they get the full benefit of outsourcing.

Hard Working Pinoy
Hard Working Pinoy | Source


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