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Where to Place Affiliate Links

Updated on June 15, 2011

Marketing Affiliate Links

When you join a good affiliate program and you want to market your affiliate links, the problem is often where to place them. You can place them on your marketing blog or on your website, but unless those have great page rank, you probably won't get much traffic driven to them.

Having affiliate links 

Put Affiliate Links on Triond

Triond is a simple site to write for, and there are no standard formats or minimum word counts. You can pretty much write whatever you want, and you can place as many affiliate links as you want. Unlike most article directories, you can place the affiliate links right in the text instead of in a resource box.

One of the benefits of Triond is that you also get paid a little for your page views. You get a Google AdSense share of the AdSense revenue of the page, and you get paid a little from the site's revenue. That is in addition to any affiliate sales that you make with your links. There are few sites that offer a share of the income in addition to allowing affiliate network links. 

Using HubPages for Affiliate Sales

HubPages is a site that is free to use, and it's even kind of fun. It is a similar site to Squidoo in that you use different page compontents, choosing and arranging them to create the page that you want. Eac page is called a hub, and each hub can be used to market your affiliate links if you choose.

The only stipulation in using affiliate links on HubPages is that the entire Hub can't read like a commercial for your affiliate program. It should be informational in nature, though it can have plenty of personal opinion in it if you choose. 

One of the components that you can choose for your hubs is the link component. A link can be added whenever you choose, but the links are not in the main body of the text. The link modules can be added anywhere on the page, though, and you can make them as visible as you choose.

Article Dashboard

Article Dashboard is an article directory that does require links to be put in the author's resource box at the end of the article. But, unlike some directories, those links can be affiliate links. You don't have to have links from a top-level domain name- you can have any link from your affiliate programs, referral links, etc.

Using article dashboard is free, and they don't require perfect articles for publication. If you want a professionally-written article that will encourage more people to take an interest in your affiliate network item, you might hire a Web writer to write the articles, but that isn't required. 

Article Dashboard has a Google page rank of 6, giving it good search engine rank and making it a good place to get back links as well as to place your affiliate links.

Affiliate Marketing With Xomba

Xomba is a mix of article marketing and social bookmarking, and you get paid to do both. On Xomba, you have the choice between writing a short article that markets your link or simply bookmarking your link without writing a full article.

When you bookmark your affiliate links on the site, you write a 50-word description of your link to help market it. That can be packed full of your desired keywords because not only are you marketing your link, you also get a 50 percent Google AdSense revenue share for all of your bookmark pages. You can create as many of these bookmarks as you choose, as long as you create only one page for each link.


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    • profile image

      Beaker 7 years ago

      I'm glad it was useful!

    • profile image

      Life Coach 7 years ago


      That was really informative. I've heard of some of these places as opportunities to place my link but couldn't make much sense out of what I was reading! :P

      Your explanation makes so much more sense. :)