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Tips Where To Find Items To Sell On-line

Updated on September 10, 2015

Tips For Looking For Things To Sell On-Line

Want to sell on-line like e-bay and other on-line auctions,but don't know where to find things to sell? I remember when I first started in e-bay. I have a few things to sell ,but when I ran out I didn't know how or where to get things,stuff,items,products you get the picture. I remember e-mailing few people on e-bay . I said where can I get items to sell? I got responses all right things like, well that's the big question is't it. No e-bayer going to tell you where the get their items. So after I ran out of items in my attic,basement and closets I headed for flea markets, yard sales. I didn't want to bother ordering or drop shipping. I also purchase a house full of items. Someone I know purchased a estate house it had boxes of stuff, mostly junk.. Another way is go on craigs list look under free section or if you know what things are worth you might find a deal. Remember times are ruff so you my find some good bargains.

more tips for finding items to sell

Another tip I have learn is take motorcycles for example. If you can find motorcycles on craigslist in cold weather months people probably need the money. Why else would they sell them in the worst time of the year. You probably can get them cheap that means in the spring or summer you can re-sell for profit. Profit, isn't that what you are trying to do? Another tip, go to stores and see if the left their boxes out when they are stocking the shelves. On the boxes should be names of the manufactures or distributors. Look up the companies see if you can purchase their items you may need a re-selling or tax id.


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    • callen501 profile image

      callen501 7 years ago

      good tips. Maybe I'll try some???