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Who Becomes a Great Sales Person

Updated on February 15, 2014

Who is a great sales person?

It starts here when they are small, learning to have fun and getting along with others.
It starts here when they are small, learning to have fun and getting along with others. | Source

Who is a great sales person?

Wow what a subject to talk about, who is a great sales person?

To answer this question one must look deep into the roots of the human being from the beginning. What I have found is that great sales people can not be trained to be great they are born great. They have lived and grown up in a positive environment nurtured by their family. I mean that their father and mother or at least one of them had the gift of what I call " The gift of gab". When I was little my Father seemed to know everyone even when we went on vacation into another state he seemed to be able to bump into someone he knew. How did he do this? The gift of gab he said and that is the key component to being successful. As a kid I got everything that I wanted by just asking my Dad he always had the money. He also said that people love a great story and a great story teller.

This being the case of what I have found in my career of locating and finding great sales people, I can remember a time when my company spend over 96,000 dollars in an advertising campagn to find a few good sales people, the results were a disaster we found none a big fat zero. Most Sales Managers are always looking in the wrong place for the wrong people.

You must find people like you, with the same sort of goals and likes and dislikes. So what makes a great sales person to look for.

How does the person walk into a room "confidence is key"

How do they dress, I mean details do count, shoes have no scratches on them, pants have no frays and pressed perfect. Is the tie perfect, and one thing that I have noticed and may be a reason why a salesmen is not great, His or her finger nails are dirty, this shows clients that he or she may be working another job and not focusing all of their time helping them.

Do they smoke, this can be a great sales killer. Some clients hate smokers

What kind of car do they drive, image is everything although the car can not be too expensive the client will feel you make too much money, thus will not buy from you.

Educated people that are too educated like a Masters Degree in something usually will not be a great sales person, because they feel that they can be a desk sitter and give orders to others. In fact I have never seen a great sales person with a Masters Degree.

Their Voice, I love to talk about this. Why this is very important because many times the client may not see you but hear you on the phone. For a guy the voice must be deep in tone, using proper English or your proper country's language. My Dad once said to me and it stuck that great people talk loud so that all can hear. It shows confidence and it is true. I have used this technique to make thousands of sales. I have tested it at different volumes. It seems to be very effective if the neighbor next door can hear every word. This may sound bizarre but how can someone tell you know no when you have that much confidence that the neighbors can hear it.

Fear, great salespeople have fear but not for long once they open their mouth the fear is gone. Why they know every answer to every question, this you can train product knowledge is key, but we must remember that people hate to be sold but love to buy. So going into too many details kills the sale. I call this Diarrhea of the mouth.

Great sales people follow a canned presentation. What is a canned presentation, it is a presentation that is written and follow verbatim why. They put everything in a logical order, answers 90% of all of the questions before they come up, saves time because time is money " one could spend 14 days trying to make a sale but how many sales would one make in a month--not enough.

Paperwork flow must be held down to a minimun great sales people can not be muddled down with paper work. You have them to make sales--- sales is their job so pass of paperwork to an assistant. Great sales people hate paperwork......

Never have great sales people deal with hard core disgruntled customers it destroys their confidence. Simple issues are OK because great sales people can usually solve any problem.

Body language, I have always taught sales people the art of acting, people love a person who uses their hands a lot by making movements with them. This is hard to explain it in writing but it is like a great composer you tend to watch the passion running through their body making the experience more joyful.

Why would a great salesperson want to work for you? Here is what great sales people are looking for. Can they make 6 figures if not you will never be able to attract great sales people, you may have them for a short period of time but every company in the world is looking for them. Can they work there own schedule within reason.The great salesperson should be one of the highest paid people in your company because if nothing is sold no one has a job.

By Michael H. Simmons


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