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Who Cares About Jobless Millennials

Updated on October 11, 2017

Help us out! Listen to us! We are pissed!!! Someone will pay!

Help us out! Listen to us! We are pissed!!! Someone will pay!

Who Cares about Jobless Millennials?

The question we have to ask ourselves is who cares about a person without a job. Most rich business people who work downtown pass the homeless guy on the street and throw in their two cents if they give a crap. The bottom line is that the majority don't really care. Why you might ask? How could they be so heartless! After all these people are our fellow countrymen.The answer is... get ready: Its not their problem.

So you've all heard the expression "You give a man a fish he eats for a day, but if you teach him to fish he eats for life." Lets substitute the analogy of knowing how to fish with having a college or university education. Most spoiled Starbucks sipping, Ugg wearing, politically opinionated Millennial brats know how to fish, but not for a job. What the hell is with this self obsessed, lazy, boisterous demographic? The answer is they need something to do... they have way too much time on their hands. They have more gender titles, mental illness diagnoses, mouthes dirtier than your infant cousin timothy's potty after he had a bowel movement. Should we feel bad for them? Maybe... after all there are some millennials who actually give a crap and go out their all dressed up looking for work. They show up on time to an interview, speak with some class, and actually genuinely appear eager to get started to work.

Our society has changed so drastically. Brick and mortar retail is dying. Everyone is shopping online. Restaurants are practically empty. Everyone orders their food on Uber Eats. Nobody goes to the theatres anymore, everyone just orders a Netflix membership. People look like zombies with their skulls buried in their smartphones. How do you find a job when your eyes are glued to your Pokemon go app?! Why does the word Pokemon require a capital P according to my spellcheck? Like what has our world come to where an imaginary creature deserves more respect than the president of the United States (Yes the most powerful man on this planet whether you like it or not), because when I spell trump with a lower case T there is no red squiggly line telling me to add a capital T. Okay back to our topic.

Whose fault is it that so many young kids don't have jobs, or at least jobs they deserve (like what they went to school for.) And most importantly why should we care? The answer is whether we like it or not someone is going to have to pay the price for skyrocketing youth unemployment. More and more kids are joining radical movements like Antifa, White Supremacy, Social Justice Movements, dare I mention ISIS! (Gasp) Yes, I said it... they are fed up and they have every right to be, and yes when they have no occupation they get caught up in crime, they become radicalized, they do what they feel they need to do to scream out to the world: "Help us out! Listen to us! We are pissed!!! Someone will pay!"

So why should we shift our focus on caring about the economic stability of our bratty brethren who sleep in until noon, eat frozen pizza, and walk around in baggy sweatpants sipping their expensive drinks that cost more than a poor family in Africa makes in a month. The answer is that if they are still unemployed in a few years things will get worse for society as a whole. So to all you suit and tie wearing businessmen (and businesswomen- I have to be politically correct right? even though I don't really care...) Take a minute to try and let in a payed intern into your office, even for $12 an hour. Give us a chance. How the hell are we supposed to have the 1-3 years of experience you demand on a job application when you don't give us a fricken chance.

Although the picture may seem bleak (because it is...) we can all do our share to make things better. instead of hiring the illegal mexican gardener, hire the college student next door who actually pays his taxes and was born here to trim your hedges (I dont have anything against mexicans.) Anyways, you get my drift. Start caring please, because you don't want a grumpy broke alcoholic jobless chainsmoker slash criminal bringing you you'r dentures from upstairs when you are 97 years old and too weak to walk up the stairs. Lets paint a prettier picture for tomorrows' future!

You give a man a fish he eats for a day, but if you teach him to fish he eats for life.

"You give a man a fish he eats for a day, but if you teach him to fish he eats for life."


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