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Who Owns Your Life

Updated on July 10, 2012

Who Will Buy Your Life?

About a year ago, I went to see a movie called the Hot Tub Time Machine. It was about 3 middle aged guys who each were experiencing a down point in their lives. Their individual situations bring them together and they decide to take a weekend away. They end up getting in a magical hot tub and going back to the 80's. Not a bad idea if you had a great time!

I ended up watching it again last night and I had an ah ha moment before I went t sleep. When I originally watched the movie, it was just a silly sophomoric movie that was fun to watch. There was, however, an few interesting messages in the movie.

The obvious one was about friendship. These guys all hung out together in high school as usual. After graduating, we all promise to keep in touch, do things together, and continue the friendships. However, as we all know, life comes in and usually smashes that to bits. The catch ups get farther apart. The phone calls wane. You may see each other at the mall and promise again to catch up. Eventually, it boils down to a Christmas card.

What takes us away from catching up with friends? What is this thing called "life" and why is it so bad? I will only speak for what I see for most people. They have friends. After schooling, they pal around a bit. They meet their partner. The dating starts and the friends slowing melt away. They get married. The friends are all invited. They have a great wedding and after that, the friends fall off more.

They decide to have a big house and two SUVs. Therefore, both work full time. After stepping themselves to debt, they decide to have a baby because everyone else has one and it's the thing to do. Besides, why else do you buy a four bedroom house with a big back yard? Now, because they have a big debt load and do not want to give that up, they put the child immediately in daycare which costs a bundle. Here is the schedule:

Get up at 6am to get the child ready for daycare
Drop the child at day care
Get to work by 8am
Work till 6 pm
Pick the child up at day care
Come home , make dinner
Eat dinner, clean up
Get the child ready for bed
Watch an hour of TV
Go to bed

Repeat for five days
On the weekend, catch up on housework, mowing the lawn, and find out who your spouse is.

Now, if this is totally wrong of most people, please correct me!

The questions at this point are:

Is there any room for friends in this life?
Is there any room for a proper marriage relationship in this life?
Is anyone really pursuing their passion in this life?
Who has purchased the couple's lives in this situation?
Is anybody really happy?

You may be thinking that I am being rather cynical here. Take a survey of some people. I do not think I am far off.

Back to the movie. The boys figure a way to get back to the year 2010. However, the one guy decided to stay back in the 80’s. He them changed the past and made the year 2010 much different. He (without ruining the story for you) basically got rich.

When the other boys got back to 2010, they caught up with their rich friend and everything was perfect. The one guy who lost his girlfriend got a new one and had money. The other guy who did not pursue his passion did so and he had a great recording career and was rich.

The movie ends with everybody together having a cookout cheering being able to be best buddies and always doing things together.

Who owns their life now??? They do!


Basically because they have enough money to do what they want!

They managed to buy their lives. We are wrapping up 2011 now. Two days to go. Who owns your life?

Are you ready to buy back your life. It has been said by PT Barnum that the best economy is one where the revenue exceeds the expenses. The problem is that 95% of the people today have negative economies. What to do:

1.) Decide that you want to buy your life back

2.) Figure out what it would take to do that. How much money would you require

3.) Eliminate all non-essential expenses

4..) Create the plan to buy back your life

5.) Execute the plan

Sound too simple?

Sound hard?

How bad do you want to own your own life?

Make it happen in 2012!

Need some assistance?

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Just email me!

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Until then, look for more thought provoking, pain inflicting, truthful hubs!


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