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Updated on January 23, 2012


Something I have always been interested in is the numbers of different brands all owned by the same large corporations. I thought it would be interesting, then, if I listed the largest brands in certain catagories and found out who owned those brands, where the company was besed and how large the companies are.

Thefore in the following hub I will list the brand, the company, the headquarters and the annual revenue in US dollars. So, here goes - first one: Deodorant.


1. Procter & Gamble - Cincinatti, USA

Brands: Gillette, Old Spice

Revenue: USD 82,560,000,000

Ownership: Public, listed in NY Stock Exchange

2. Unilever - Amsterdam/London, Netherlands/UK

Brands: Brut, Dove, Lynx, Sure, Vaseline

Revenue: USD 60,445,000,000

Ownership: Public, listed on London & NY Stock exchanges.

3. L'Oreal - Paris, France

Brands: L'Oreal

Revenue: USD 26,801,000,000

Ownership: Public, listed on Paris Eurnonext exchange.

4. Henkel AG - Dusseldorf, Germany

Brands: Right Guard

Revenue: USD 20,740,000,000

Ownership: Public, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

5. Addidas AG - Herzog, Germany

Brands: Addidas

Revenue: USD 18,257,000,000

Ownership: Public, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

6. Colgate-Palmolive - New York, USA

Brands: Sanex

Revenue: USD 15,300,000,000

Ownership: Public, listed on NY Stock Exchange.

7. Beiersdorf AG - Hamburg, Germany

Brands: Nivea

Revenue: USD 8,513,000,000

Ownership: Public, listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

8. Revlon - New York, USA

Brands: Mitchum

Revenue: USD 1,300,000,000

Ownership: Public, listed on NY stock exchange.

Energy Companies

Everyone's favourite, the energy companies - the big hitters from the continent are the largest companies here but the largest 6 account for the vast majority of revenues - check them out below:

1. E-On - Dusseldorf, Germany

Brands: E-on

Revenue USD 127,627,000,000

Ownership: Public, listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange

2. EDF SA - Paris, France

Brands: EDF Energy

Revenue: USD 89,570,000,000

Ownership: Public, Paris Euronext exchange

3. RWE AG - Essen, Germany

Brands: N Power

Revenue: USD 69,710,000,000

Ownership: Public, Frankfurt Exchange

4. Scottish & Southern PLC - Perth, UK

Brands: Southern Electric, SWALEC, Scottish Hydro, M&S Energy

Revenue: USD 43,994,000,000

Ownership: Public, London Stock Exchange

5. Iberdrola - Bilbao, Spain

Brands: Scottish Power

Revenue: USD 41,823,000,000

Ownership: Public, Madrid Exchange

6. Centrica PLC - Windsor, UK

Brands: British Gas, Sainsbury Energy (50% Owned)

Revenue: USD 34,816,000,000

Ownership: Public, London SE

7. Mid Counties Co-Op - Warwick, UK

Brands: Co-Op Energy

Revenue: USD 1,211,000,000

Ownership: Co-operative

8. Telecom Plus PLC - London, UK

Brands: Utility Warehouse

Revenue: USD 251,000,000

Ownership: Public, LSE

9. Good Energy - Chippenham, UK

Brands: Good Energy

Revenue: USD 28,000,000

Ownership: Public, LSE

10. Spark Energy - Edinburgh, UK

Brands: Spark

Revenue: circa USD 21,000,000

Ownership: Private


Tea Companies

Everyone likes a cuppa but who is responsible for the tea that we drink, brands are listed below (supermarket own brands are not included.)

1. Tata Group - Mumbai, India

Brand: Tetley

Revenue: USD 83,300,000,000

Ownsership: Private

Tata is a huge Indian conglomorate, also owners of Corus (ex British Steel)

2. Unilever - Amsterdam/London, Netherlands/UK

Brands: PG Tips, Brooke Bond, Scottish Blend

Revenue: USD 60,445,000,000

Ownership: Public, listed on FTSE and NYSE

With fingers in many pies - we have already seen Unilever appear when looking at deodorant

3. Apeejay surrendra Group - Kolkata, India

Brands: Typhoo

Revenue: USD 33,333,000,000

Ownership: Private

Another large Indian conglomorate

4. Associated British Foods PLC - London, UK

Brands: Twinings

Revenue: USD 15,786,000,000

Ownership: Public on FTSE

A large British food company

5. Bettys & Taylors Ltd - Harrogate, UK

Brands: Yorkshire Tea

Revenue: USD 137,000,000

Ownership: Private

Britain's largest private tea maker started life as a tea shop

6. Clipper Teas Ltd - Beaminster, UK

Brands: Clipper

Revenue: Unknown

Ownership: Private


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