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Whosit Campaign

Updated on August 15, 2017

Whosit campaign was founded after the realization that the designers’ talent is not acknowledged as they are left hidden in the web pages. The campaign helps in bringing individuals to the spotlight to sell their designed product. Initially before the organization started designers used to be misused by the retailers because they were forced to sell to them at a wholesale price and the retailer ending up in earning more profit as compared to the maker themselves. The organization provides the producers a retail model which was designed for the manufacturers only.

Designers are required to pay a monthly fee of 30$ which will cover all the expenses incurred in the selling the products that they have brought to the Whosit stores. Whosit puts all the designers product brought to them at one building thou different stall where they are easily accessible to customers .Whosit is beneficial to the designer as it reducing the cost that a designer would incur in marketing their products, after sale services like transport and storage cost. The other benefit is the campaign does it marketing of the producers product in it stores through the social media like for instance Integra, twitter, and Facebook. Whosit is also significant to the customers as it is able to get a variety of design product and locate them at one place hence the consumer will have a variety to choose in one location.

The achievement of this organization has been through its pricing that is affordable to every designer. Unlike the competitors who uses the wholesale retailer channels which involves the producer selling goods in wholesale price to the retailer and finally the retailer sell in retail price making more profit than the manufactures. Additionally, Whosit makes it possible for the designer to enjoy a pool of risks and also have many designers to bring their products to the Whosit stores which has made it a one-stop shop for the customers. Due to this reason Whosit has attracted so many customers and gained popularity over its competitors.


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