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Why Businesses Need Coaches not Managers

Updated on April 6, 2017

Coaches vs Managers

The manager is one who sets objectives or goals for the business or group and decides what work needs to be done to achieve those objectives and goals.

Achievement of set goals is necessary to succeed in the business. These set goals and targets raise every year, but methods to achieve them rarely change. And when the turbulent time comes, these very businesses begin to cut costs ubiquitously.

What are these businesses doing wrong?

Blowing money at the faces of these managers just to meet the targets sounds absurd. They should rather invest the very money on coaches and trainers to train the staff to maximise productivity.

Businesses are very much interested in the results these days, but they need to divert their attention to processes, which of course produce results. These processes need to work in an efficient manner and it is only possible by providing the necessary training to the staff. Not by managing them.

Understand the difference between managing and training.


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