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Why Local Businesses Need Pay Per Click Advertising

Updated on February 2, 2014

At Pintaya Design Co. we believe that PPC is a crucial component of any Digital Marketing Strategy and we'll tell you why in 3 Simple Reasons:

1. The risks are relatively low and controllable. Pay per click advertising offers an easily traceable, results oriented platform to get traffic to your site. Yes it costs money. But don't forget that implementing SEO strategies take time and money as a whole. Implementing a PPC campaign as part of any SEO strategy might end up lowering your overall business investments if your campaign is optimized correctly.

2. Solves the little fish in a big pond problem: So you're a terrific local business and you've been experiencing reasonable overall growth because your services are organically awesome-Terrific! But small/mid size business owners (SMO's) are often stumped when they find that their products and services are well received in real life applications but their online presence continues to drag. PPC gives small local businesses an ability to boost their rankings even when dealing with a smaller target audience than larger retailers.

3. Paid search ads can increase organic search rankings: Like the title says, it's been discovered that the more your business is advertised the more clicks and business you get. The more real-estate your business occupies on search engines results page the higher your traffic returns will be. PPC provides a quick, cost-effective and diverse platform for you to do so in addition to the longer term SEO strategies you're already implementing.


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