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Why Do I Make Money Online - Because I Don't Want To Wear A Blue Vest and Say Welcome To Walmart

Updated on August 22, 2009

To me the last bit of dignity that a senior citizen has is to be able retire with pride and a comfortable living to spend the rest of their years on this planet doing things they could not do while working and raising a family for the first 20 to 30 years of their adult life. When I see someone that are clearly in their seventies or eighties having to mop floors at a fast food eatery or at a super discount store welcoming strangers for eight hours a day it makes me so angry and sad for them on the inside.

The above is why I am so vigorously perusing an online income from the Internet and wanting to help others do it as well. Social Security's monthly stipend check does not even come close to covering the bills and health-care a retiree needs to make monthly ends meet. So they are passively forced to acquire employment where ever someone will hire them. Worse they are having to raise their grandchildren because they have a crack-head for a son or daughter.

If people start trying to build an online income just a couple of years before their retirement they could afford the lifestyle they have been dreaming about and not worry about having to punch a clock to just afford the little things in life like food, electricity, and auto repairs.

Make Money Online Instead of Working During Retirement

Would you rather spend your golden years waving at strangers all day?
Would you rather spend your golden years waving at strangers all day?

How Much Can You Earn Being A Door Greeter Vs. Making Money From The Internet?

Let's just say for a moment that an 83 year old grandmother can stand for eight hours a day and numbingly waive and act like they care about everyone that enters a store. forty hours a week at the most (no over time allowed) - at a rate of probably no more and about $7.50 an hour. That's $300.xx a week before taxes and any other deductions or $1200.00 a month.

Making money online is a 24x7 gig and the money just doesn't roll in Monday Through Friday. So you would only have to make forty-dollars a day (30 days a month) from making money from the Internet to cover the same paycheck. I am sure with a two year head start you could be making much more than $40.xx a day with Adsense if you have applied some discipline, creativity, and an all around good work ethic.

Seniors are a perfect fit for the make money online market. They have had tons of life experience and create content willy nilly about their careers, hobbies, how to knowlege of cooking, home repair, religious beliefs, photography, you name it they are a buffet of knowledge that could lead them to the path of enjoyment and relaxation instead of the indignity of being a nameless face in a sea of people working for less than a living wage.


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    • Betty Reid profile image

      Betty Reid 8 years ago from Texas

      I found this insightful. Luckily my parents don't have to work in their old age, but I probably will.


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