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Why Do People Skills Matter

Updated on June 13, 2011

Importance Of People Skills At Work

Why do people skills matter in today’s workplace? Right, because years of establishing social relationships at work has taught us that people skills can lead to more human productivity and personal creativity. So you are intuitively creative, possesses a brilliant IQ, yet don't seem to get along with people at work? Why? And why is that so that the average Joe who has just been an average performer at school seems to be the favorite of the company’s clients and fellow colleagues? What does it got to with him?

Simply because Joe, whose an average, may not be academically smart but he has people skills and is not quite as dumb as you perceive him to be. The thing is, people like him as he is. He is not a threat and he doesn't ruffle feathers. Joe is simply likeable.

So, how likeable are you? How do you rate yourself when dealing with other people? People skills is defined as the ability of being able to comprehend productive relations through the constant building of common interactions that promote understanding, concern, trust and respect. In other words, persons with people skills tend to socialize at a higher degree of efficiency and rapport than the ordinary Joe or smart Aleck who does not have them. These are the people that become the invisibles and are simply overlooked.

People skills are acquired through the habit of establishing one’s self-esteem and confidence. People skills encompass a wide range of interpersonal and intrapersonal communication competencies including an emphasis on social-emotional awareness, self-confidence and management, getting along with others, diplomacy, conflict resolution and decision-making.If it comes as a natural talent for others, then why not should it also come naturally to you. It is the single most determinant in averaging a person’s emotional stress level and is used to gauge social interaction markers. Then why is it important? Simply because being effective with other people means being able to thrust the job the extra mile through the credibility votes that people look up to with you. In other words, people trust you because your reliable and have great attitude.

In fact, in most major corporations today, people skills count as 90% and talent just a lofty 10%. Recruitment managers give a lot of weight to a person who has people skills and are not intimidated by brilliant hirees yet lack them. People skills are vital, but easier for some than others.


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    • bizbuddies profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Totally agree with you Bill, thanks for the additional insight!

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 

      8 years ago from Cape Cod

      Excellent advice and a great hub. Another tool that is a must is developing good verbal skills.

      Use of 'ain't', peppering your speech with expletives, and a small vocabulary, will dead end your career very quickly.

      If you improve your speech and communication skills, people will always consider you to be among the sharpest and smartest in the employee pool.

      Also, learn the difference between here and hear, there and their and such.

      Many hubs have been damaged by people who just don't know the difference between words like site and sight.


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