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Why E-Commerce on Facebook Is Right for Your Company

Updated on July 3, 2016

If you said e-commerce on Facebook, you would be right. According to the article, “E-commerce's Next Wave: How Your Facebook Wall Could Become an Online Mall,” , all these brands use their Facebook page to sell.

A new survey from IBM Coremetrics shows that 9.2% of shoppers who visited a retail site from a social media site made a purchase. Moreover, 77% of all social network traffic began with Facebook.

Jumping on the Bandwagon

In the article, “How to Create an Effective Company Facebook Page,” contributor Gabrielle M. Blue notes, “…Facebook is very focused on trying to provide tools and an environment to drive engagement and discussion between people and communities, institution brands, companies and small businesses." Therefore, if your goal in using social media is to sell more products, improve customer service and/or create new relations, e-commerce on Facebook is right for your company.

Speaking of tools, Facebook offers quite an arsenal. Whether you want to upload photos, integrate applications or place ads on Facebook, it is all there at your fingertips. Moreover, just by adding a product tab you make your page into a one-stop shop where customers can interact and buy your product. Now fans can make purchases without having to leave Facebook. If you appreciate the simple things in life, e-commerce on Facebook is right for your company.

Finally, a March 2011 posting, “The Truth about Impulse Buying,” suggests that as much as 40% of consumer spending is impulse buying. While the article states that statistics vary by age, income and items purchased, the numbers show that younger consumers with higher incomes have the greatest percentage of impulse purchases. Additionally, statistics indicate that Facebook is the most popular social media site and its largest group of users is under the age of 40. Therefore, if this is your demographic, e-commerce on Facebook is right for your company.

Putting Your Plan into Action

Though some have classified Facebook’s retail role as “a moving target,” there is no denying that many people spend hours on the internet and on Facebook in particular. With 750 million users spending an average of 6.3 hours per person a month, it adds up quickly.

Linking products to a Facebook-powered electronic storefront can provide ease of shopping for consumers and allow companies to take advantage of the interactive tools that the social network allows. That means there is no better time for developing an e-commerce plan and putting it into action.


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