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Why Ecommerce Stores Are Now Getting Social And Why Your E-commerce Store Could Fail

Updated on March 25, 2012

I still find ecommerce websites and online stores still not making the grade to engage their potential customers. After designing websites and blogs for over 15 years, I am starting to convert our clients' ecommerce websites unto social places where customers want to come back and shop.

Ecommerce stores need to do more than just have a fancy shopping cart and Add To Cart buttons plastered all over product and category pages. Ecommerce stores can also take a lesson from some facets of Facebook.

I Joined For Free

Luckily, there are websites devoted to making ecommerce sites more social and is one of them. I found and joined for free, but then paid the upgrade membership fee, because I wanted all the benefits of what they call the Superstore membership.

Making Online Store More Social takes on the slogan, "Making Online Stores More Social" and I my sales have increased since being on it.

Access to Promote My Online Store On Their Store News Blog

As a member, I get to add my product promotions on their blog and they give me access to promote my products, sales, and other parts of my store on their blog.

Logging in Under Facebook

Logging in and signing up comes with my Facebook login. I sign in with my Facebook account and then can post comments about stores, like stores, and even link to my Facebook page and Twitter account.

Immediate Pinning My Store on Pinterest

I notice that they also just added Pinterest and my store pages got pinned by over 30 people to days, I am psyched to keep making my store social, because it seems to work.

Since Pinterest is just a huge growing phenomenon, I see the immediate advantage of this social network and I love it when my products get pinned.

Adding Links To My Product Pages - More Links and Better Search Engine Optimization

Since AssortedProducts lets me add links to my product pages, I have been getting more sales on those pages.

I Just Love Those Facebook comments

They added a new Facebook commenting system so people can decide if they like my store and I notice that those comments come from my product page.

Upcoming Enhancements:

I read their blog and AssortedProducts will be adding a news feed where superstore members can add their sales and promotions, sort of like the LinkedIN feed.

Also, another enhancement is the ability for me to sell other people's products on my own website, not like an affiliate program, but the company will offer an API that will allow me to publish another store's products.


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