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How to Be Creative When Looking for a New Job

Updated on January 12, 2018
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Sally is a business communications coach who gives workshops on how to keep your professional reputation squeaky-clean and drama-free.

Looking for a new job can be exciting or, if you let it get to you, stressful. Staying positive while job hunting is a must. Here are some strong reasons to think creatively while looking for a new job.

Creative thinking will help you stay positive while job hunting.

Turn your mistakes and bad ideas into opportunities to grow.
Turn your mistakes and bad ideas into opportunities to grow.

It’s so important to flex your creativity muscles when you’re looking for a job. Being filled with creative energy also fills you up with optimism, and that greatly increases your chances of attracting attention and getting hired by a strong company. Employers don’t want to hire negative, pessimistic people. They want to hire employees who are creative and a pleasure to be around. They want to hire people who are ready for a challenge.

Here are five good reasons to nurture your creative muse while you're looking for a new job:

1. You’ll be willing to take more risks. Creative personality types tend to be more open to trying new things, exploring new possibilities, and imagining new realities for themselves. Taking a risk during the job search process can involve applying for a job that you’d love to do but have never tried before. Putting yourself out there could be as simple as asking a friend or colleague to introduce you to someone in their network. The more frequently you stretch yourself and step out of your comfort zone, the more likely you'll get hired. Creative thinking fuels confidence and builds positive self-esteem.

2. You’ll write captivating cover letters. Getting hired starts with getting noticed. And getting noticed starts with making sure that your application for employment is put on the “do call” pile. Creative energy is smart energy. It’s not flashy and showy and full of fluff. Creative energy is lean, efficient, and compelling. That’s what you want in your cover letters.

Daily creative exercises can keep your mind sharp while you search for your dream job!
Daily creative exercises can keep your mind sharp while you search for your dream job!

3. You’ll stand out from the crowd. (And not because you are wearing clown shoes. Please don’t!) You’ll stand out from other job applicants because you’ll be able to answer challenging interview questions with confidence, grace, and panache. People who give innovative answers to tough interview questions without hesitating are often seen as sharp problem-solvers by employers.

4. You’ll have more fun while looking for a new job. Think back over your last month’s worth of career search activity. When was the last time you allowed yourself to have fun? The more you fuel your creative muse, the more fun you’ll have while looking for a job, which in turn can make you look and feel healthier and happier. And the healthier and happier you look and feel, the more likely you’ll get hired. Make sure you schedule time during your daily job search to play and enjoy yourself. Looking for work shouldn’t feel like you are punishing yourself for being unemployed.

5. You’ll have more things to talk about during your interview. And that can make you look more appealing to a prospective employer. Recruiters are looking for people that are not only capable of doing the job, they want people who are well rounded and balanced. People who are curious about the world, who have interests and hobbies outside of work, and who balance work with play are often coveted by recruiters because they're viewed as having high emotional intelligence.

Having a creative spirit insulates you from the fear and isolation that can wear you down during your search for a new job. Creative thinking will keep you energized, hopeful, and motivated. By incorporating creative activities into your job search routine, you’ll start to see opportunities everywhere. Creative thinking is the lifeblood of abundant living. When we nurture our creative selves, we start to see that there are endless ideas out there just waiting to be seized and carried to their fullest potential.

A brisk walk outside can do amazing things for your mood when you are stressed out about looking for a job.
A brisk walk outside can do amazing things for your mood when you are stressed out about looking for a job.

Check this out! A recent study found that walking and creativity go hand in hand. Researchers reached the following conclusion:

The effects of outdoor stimulation and walking were separable. Walking opens up the free flow of ideas, and it is a simple and robust solution to the goals of increasing creativity and increasing physical activity.

Source: Give your ideas some legs: The positive effect of walking on creative thinking.Oppezzo, Marily; Schwartz, Daniel L

What fun things do you like to do to keep you happy while job hunting?

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© 2012 Sally Hayes


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