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Why I don't make any money online, but maybe you can

Updated on March 29, 2012
Do Hubscores effect your earning potential?
Do Hubscores effect your earning potential? | Source

The Dream

I, most likely like you have dreamed of the day I can leave the grind of 9-5's behind me and spend my days earning money from doing little more than sharing my thoughts online. Although it remains an undoubted fact that some do this and do it well. Here on hubpages you will find reports from those that have done just that who have written very informatively about it, offering advice to you and I. Some of that advice it has to be said is extremely useful and can greatly aid our cause in making money and fulfilling your dreams of earning online.

So why is it a dream and not a reality? Please do not mistake this for apathy or for any sense of being disenfranchised. I love writing online and I still feel gratified with any meagre pennies I may earn. I do not however have any plans of giving up the day job nor do I believe that online earnings will ever contribute to my income in an meaningful way.

Am I good enough?

Certainly there are better writers than myself who have failed to earn money from their writing and likewise there are writers inferior to myself who earn good money, please note that the biggest earners I have encountered are excellent writers who write interesting and well thought out articles. This is not about self confidence nor is about self doubt or any lack of belief in my abilities, although like you (?) I have course have doubts about the quality of my writing.

So am I good enough? maybe! is the only answer I have as I cannot definitively argue one way or another with an conviction. To argue about my short comings or even positive attributes would seem to be somewhat self serving and this is not the time nor the place.

So what's the problem?

In every job I have ever worked I have had to work to rules and guidelines. In most cases rules and guidelines put in places for good reason. Some of the them involve issues of legality but the ones I wish to discuss here are the ones designed to make the work you do profitable for your employer.

Those rules or guidelines may be how you maximise sales opportunities to earn the most money possible or how you make the best use of resources to minimise waste in order to reduce costs and therefore maximise profit. All rules and guidelines serve a purpose and that purpose ultimately in most but not all cases is to maximise profit and therefore justify your salary or wage. Given the choice many of us would ignore these rules and work in the way that we feel works best for us. Call centre operatives may believe there is a better way to answer calls than how they have been advised but their company/employer feels differently.

The Rules of online earning?

We have established that rules in the workplace serve a purpose, so let us ask the question, why is working online any differently? This is not a definitive list and others will be able to expand on it greatly but here is a few rules to earn online.

Consider your content. By all means write about Justin Bieber and his newest hair style but will it earn you an money? Most likely not, it may be more effective to write a review of a new digital camera or a comparison of table ware. Will it be as much fun to write? that is upto you but your product review will most likely offer greater affiliate options.

Write what you know. One of the most common pieces of advice offered to those hoping to write online is to write what you know. What great advice it is, but what if you can write amazingly about subjects which lack commercial appeal?

Be Original. One of my hubs is about the sitcom friends and features what I described as fun facts. Although it is a light piece of writing and was never intended to be anything more the internet is full of thousands of pages of content about friends many more comprehensive and detailed than mine. This lack of originality means that it will barely register on search engines and will most likely never be found as it will feature dozens of pages down on google search reports. Write something that not everyone else is already writing about, if you want to make money that is.

Be Original but not too original. My father is a fascinating man, a wonderful man! Of course I am biased but I believe I could write his story and make it exciting and moving and make readers come away wanting more. But given that my father is neither famous or infamous once again no one is likely to be searching for stories about him online. If nobody is searching for it, will it ever get found? Again most likely not. Can you think of that topic you can write brilliantly about that people will want to read that others have not already written about extensively.

Make Money online. It is ironic that some of the articles that make the most money online (Judging by their following) are ones advising others to do just that. The cynical amongst you may well believe that is what I am attempting to do here. Cash in on the trend and the craze for sharing advice and earning those google adsense revenues. I assure you dear reader this is not the case.

Why I don't and won't make any money.

Simply put I don't want to follow the rules. I want to write obscure articles about actors I love that no one else has heard of, I want to write about farts and food and my beloved pets and I want to share my opinions on a wide range of topics none of which offer me an great earning potential. I have read enough and learned enough to know what I should be writing about, but that is not what I know. Others can write wonderful reviews of products and great articles to help students. That person is not me, it might be you!

So you have given up!

Hell no! I still want to make money online and I continue to learn more and more and one of these days I am sure I will make a bit. Enough to buy a car? I very much doubt it, but perhaps I might just pay for a nice meal for me and a few friends with enough left over to buy a bottle of wine.

Good luck to you if you want to make money online, I am still new to hubpages but not new to the internet.


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    • Benz B profile image

      Benz B 

      6 years ago

      This is an awesome hub ThoughtMonkey. I think making money online is possible especially a full time income. The only set back is the amount of time that you have to put into making the money online. I have been on here for 3 years and have 100 or so hubs with 200k total views and I still have not reached the monthly $50 payout yet status yet. And it's because I write for a while and then give up for months at a time. I do receive a payout every other month though. I am in a process of trying to increase my earning this month by writing 45 hubs in 30 days. I have learned a lot about what I haven't done right by reading hubs from hubber (Alocsin). He has bubs with stats from the top 100 earners on hubpages and they are very insightful and will help guide hubbers to what to do early on and reap the benefits from down the line. What shocked me is that there is one hubber that only has 98 hubs but makes $2000+ per month on here. Anyone, especially new hubbers, should read through all of his posts on how to make money on hubpages and related ones. He also recommends a lot of other hubbers who have hubs to teach you how to increase earnings. I am running an experiment with my 45 hubs in 30 days challenge and applying what I have learned from them to see what the results will be. Please check out my hubs to see what I am up to.

    • ThoughtMonkey profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from United Kingdon

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. It is great to get such detailed feedback.

    • ShalahChayilJOY profile image

      Shalah Chayil 

      7 years ago from Billings, Montana

      Hi TM!

      See, you have personality in your Hubs and that's good. It may not make you much money here, but i am a HUGE believer in the idea that we are all here for a purpose, and when we seek to know what our purpose is and we pursue our true purpose all that we need follows...

      LIFE is about relationships and networking and connections. As I write this, an Artisan Breadmaking book comes to mind wherein the authors talk about how they came to get their book published when they thought there really was no way...

      and have you ever heard of Julia Child? The movie Julia and Julia kind of tells a bit of her story and the story of a Julia that published a blog and became semi-famous. And then there was Julia Child herself, a 'nobody' just like most of us who forged ahead with her 'talents' and became famous internationally..

      ONe just never knows and well, because this is on my heart. It is written, "Eye has not seen nor ear heard what things 'God' whom I call Father has prepared for them that 'love' cling to and pursue Him." We are all meant to shine

    • ThoughtMonkey profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from United Kingdon

      Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated. I have a sticky Y key on my laptop so I keep finding things with them missing off. :-) Thanks again, I do enjoy hearing others thoughts and experiences.

    • Robwrite profile image


      7 years ago from Oviedo, FL

      Hi TM; I make a (very) modest living as a freelance writer but the money doesn't come from Hub writing. You need to be creative to find ways to make money writing online. I started my own business helping students with essays and term papers. I'm working on other things, too. You need persistence, luck and skill but its possible to do.


    • Dr Kavita Shaikh profile image

      Dr Kavita Shaikh 

      7 years ago from MUSCAT

      Hmm, you seem to be caught up in a dilemma, 'To make money online or not'. Anyways, interesting hub. Please edit your title, you probably wanted to write ANY but ended up without the 'Y'

    • Gurpreet Seehra profile image

      Gurpreet Seehra 

      7 years ago from Chandigarh, India

      I like you. I am also caught up between interest and commerce. BTW I would suggest you to revise your use of 'an' article.


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