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Why Instagram is Important in Digital Marketing Today

Updated on April 23, 2016
A woman posting photos in Instagram.
A woman posting photos in Instagram.


Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms today that emphasizes on photo sharing with over 300 million users and counting. ‘OOTD’, ‘food porn’, ‘selfie’ are just some of the hashtags that are mostly used by the users.

It is known for square images. Photos or videos, all the posts by users are in square form. It also allows each user to edit their photos or videos and unleash their creative sides through various filters and tools.

Aside from being a personal sanctuary of one’s creativity and life in pixels, Instagram can also be very beneficial for businesses as it can reach a wider range of audience and encourage engagement.

No matter what service is offered or thing you buy or sell, or if you are an expert at something and you can have a mutual learning with others, Instagram will be the perfect place for you.

Here are a few reasons as to why this social media platform can be a good strategy to reach out to customers and let your business be known.

It’s the visuals.

Instagram is a visual medium, and users enjoy visuals because they are very appealing and can send across a message clearly.

Almost 70 million photos and videos are stored on this social media platform, and you can use this as an advantage for your business.

With proper tools, techniques, and a whole lot of creativity, you can easily market your brand on Instagram and let it be known to millions of users out there.

All-age medium.

Instagram is a medium that caters to everyone, regardless of age. This is one thing that sets it apart from other social media platforms since it breaks any barrier and unites different kinds of people from varying ages with the power of visuals.

Snapchat is mostly used by teens, LinkedIn is for working professionals, and Instagram is just where you can find people from almost all walks of life.

Noiseless experience for users.

Instagram is very different from the other famous social media platforms that we use today. According to social media users, Twitter is crowded with link and Facebook has a few twists, but Instagram is just there, being a realistic and understandable way to communicate.

Twitter is all about trends, and Instagram is the visualization of the trends on Twitter. It lets users express their day to day life with beautiful images and videos.

The well-known ‘hashtags’.

Everyone knows what a hashtag is, and how it is used. Hashtags are used to gain maximum reach since a lot of people can be reached through it. This is also used in other famous social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

As for Instagram, you can use as many hashtags as you like. Remember to use relevant words when creating hashtags so that you can gain attention from a wider range of audience.

To reach your maximum target audience, use popular hashtags that are mostly used by your target audience when you upload photos and videos.

Of course, you can also create your own unique hashtags which can be related to your brand, or it may be a tag which you are already using in other social media platforms.

Quality over quantity.

Millions of images are being shared on Instagram every day, and this can be a challenge for brands to make sure that they stand out among all those other users and possible competitors. Refrain from posting too many photos and videos about your brand.

Always remember the importance of quality over quantity. A well-taken picture which perfectly shows your brand’s unique features which could draw people in will be a whole lot better than five or more photos of the same content.


Instagram is also slowly catering ads from different brands, and this is where businesses could use this social media platform to their advantage.

Unlike other sites, Instagram makes the ads look like they’re not ads since these are photos or videos which may pass for a normal post, one that is uploaded by a private user.

You would only know that it is an ad when you notice the “sponsored” tag in the top right-hand corner. A lot of businesses also have their promos involving the social media platform.

Users can upload their photos or videos and tag the brand name, and this can be very effective since these users can also post their experiences and feedback about it.

For businesses using Instagram as a marketing strategy, it will be easier to reach out to their audience, and let other users be informed of their brand, by showing captivating photos and videos that could somehow ‘lure’ them into taking an interest in it.

Instagram offers an endless possibility of hitting the jackpot in terms of gathering customers. Your creativity can come a long way through Instagram, and your brand will be put into a good light with the proper strategy.

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Learn the basics of Instagram here:


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