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Why Leadership Fails

Updated on August 13, 2015
Lieutenant General (ret) Frank Kearney, III
Lieutenant General (ret) Frank Kearney, III | Source
Leaders value the loyalty of their team
Leaders value the loyalty of their team
Leaders care about the success of their team
Leaders care about the success of their team

How a personal touch is critical for effective leadership

Career-oriented people naturally desire to step up on the corporate ladder and become a leader in their field of choice. As one finally achieves being on top and seemingly lording over a whole team, it becomes apparent that he/she has finally made it. However, once a person is finally at the top of the corporate ladder, this does not guarantee to become a permanent spot.

Being a leader takes so much more than simply delegating all the hard work to one’s subordinates and waiting for positive results to happen. In this day and age of transparency and new views and approaches with work, it is highly likely that many leaders fail to achieve what needs to be done.

Refusal to Participate in Tasks When Needed

There will be moments when the work load will be too much to handle and accomplish by a whole department or group. When this happens, it would be ideal for leaders to roll up their sleeves and join in with the grueling tasks ahead. Being a good leader means that he/she should be highly knowledgeable on the various responsibilities assigned to each and every member of the work team and will step in and help do the work if the need arises. Unfortunately, many leaders today feel that they are above menial and tedious tasks. If leaders do not show that they are willing to participate in the task at hand, they will not gain the respect and dedication needed to become successful in their career.

Sabotaging a Subordinates Opportunity to Rise above the Ranks

Leaders are too often paranoid that they can be replaced by their subordinates once they have settled into their high positions at a company. Promotions are an inevitable part of the work environment. In due time, there will be members in the work team which will gain the knowledge and experience to merit a well-deserved promotion. However, leaders who desire to be the only one on top can find ways to hinder their staff from getting a higher position in the office.

Often work politics will be at play. When this happens, these leaders fail to provide a positive work environment, and in the long run they will lose the respect of their subordinates.

Not Taking Responsibility for Team Related Mistakes

No one is perfect. Even with countless hours worth of overtime and constantly checking whether all tasks are accomplished on time, there will be instances that failures occur. When this happens, it would be an ideal scenario for the whole team to take responsibility for the mistake. More importantly, a leader must be able to acknowledge that they have failed. Unfortunately, this does not happen as often as it should. When a subordinate makes a mistake, they are often thrown under the bus and forced to take responsibility. This is a scenario that could be prevented if the leader had stepped in to take responsibility in finding a solution to the mistake.

Being a true leader will definitely take a lot of work, patience and the acceptance of responsibility. But in the end, leaders need to also be team players and stop worrying about personal gain. Focusing on the success of team members is the ultimate success for the leader.


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    • tjlajoie profile image

      Tim Lajoie 

      3 years ago from Lewiston, Maine

      Good first (??) hub. I have written on this topic, too. I believe you are spot on, sir!


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