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Why Medium Is an Undiscovered Internet Treasure?

Updated on January 23, 2020
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Many seek success and years after years they do not achieve everything because they have stopped doing some things in their lives.

Medium as an undiscovered treasure

When Evan Williams launched the Medium platform on August 15, 2012, those who are writers or readers not interested in deepening their interests in the platform, to this day only know that Medium is a blog publishing platform; unaware that the platform has evolved into a hybrid system of unprofessional and professional contributions paid for publishing its content within the platform, interacting with readers and admirers of reading.

Medium as an the easiest platform to make money on the Internet.

Medium is the easiest platform to make money on the Internet. Unlike other online platforms that also pay their partners for posting content, Medium is a blunt platform. To make money on it you don’t need to have a certain number of followers, a certain number of views or a certain number of minutes or hours of readings in which your readers must interact with your stories to qualify for earnings.

Now it’s more interesting, explain it well

Well, although Medium is unknown to a lot of people, you need to know that Medium is on the list of competing Monsters on major platforms like Youtube, Twitch, Spotify, Facebook and any other platform that pays online content creators. she become a peculiar platform among them all.

And how does this make Medium an undiscovered Internet Treasure?

This makes Medium a treasure trove of the undiscovered internet for one simple reason: Medium is not just another platform, it is the platform many people are looking for the most to date, but they know where she is sitting. Because without much effort to spend time making or creating content, on Medium you only need about 15 minutes writing and reviewing what you wrote and then posting on the platform and start earning.

As well?

Let me explain to you: As I said above, Medium is a straightforward platform, a platform with full guidelines like any other legal platform under United States law that any citizen or client must obey whether or not they are in the United States of America; So far we are in agreement.

Not wanting to pull the embers of the bonfire next to Medium to denigrate or move away from other content-paying platforms, none of that, because I’m a creator of cross-platform content too; but I can say that Medium is a
platform that if it was a physical thing would be called fast food. Because while in order to make money on some platforms you need to comply with the guidelines which is due and required obviously, you also need to have required numbers among them views, followers, or minutes and hours of time as creator of that platform.

Medium with its innovation in the area of ​​valuing writers such as journalists, bloggers, historians, contemporary writers, comedians, humorists, musicians, poets among others, in a new update that came into force in October, members would now gain through how long Readers would read their stories, and earnings would no longer be calculated from week to week, but now from day to day.

Check out the tremendous amounts paid last November 2019, based on the involvement of Medium platform writing members.

• 69% of writers or publications that were written on the platform by
At least one story for each member made money.

• 8.0% of active writers earned over $ 100.

• $ 22,658.57 was the highest amount earned by a single writer in November alone, and $ 7,384.22 was the highest amount earned by a single story in November only as well.

So, don’t you find that scary? How can a platform that people ignore wanting to know more about pay for it? What is the secret of all these gains? How do I get started? My answer is quite simple: Medium is an undiscovered internet treasure, and the key to this is that you start valuing what you create today, let your skills work for you and run because Medium is still here. Now as to the question how can you do this? The answer is this: do you see those followers all required? Are you seeing all that time required? Are you seeing that powerful computer machine required? Are you seeing that fast internet required? Are you seeing those issues that many kill themselves to make? You see how much time you have to spend editing, creating or playing. In Medium this does not exist.

And so now that you know Medium is a treasure trove of the undiscovered internet, it’s time to start leveraging your writing skills, train hard to make your mind a big field of letters.

Did you know that those who read a lot more knowledge get?

If you knew this and are a reading lover, or dreamed of being a teacher, but you never had time to teach or you never even had the opportunity to be, don’t worry, Medium might be your school and rightfully so. It’s a salary.

It was a pleasure to have you here, until the next story.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2020 Casimiro Designer


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