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Why Recruiters Need a Better Recruitment Marketing System

Updated on June 13, 2013

Why Niche Recruiters need a Better Marketing System

There is better way to advertise jobs and build a recruitment brand. Instead of making Seek, MyCareer or other job boards rich, the recruitment agency can build up their own online presence long term.

As a small recruitment agency, you want to be known as experts in your field – the ‘go to’ recruiter – and this system makes it possible. Instead of candidates always going to a job board, or another recruiter, your team can build up a site which creates loyalty… i.e. seekers return to your site 12 months down the track or refer their friends and associates.

Related industry news will also bring in relevant web traffic. Every job post is another page as well. So one year down the track, if someone is looking for your specific job area, your website comes up tops.

Create a portal for your industry, your jobs, and your referral marketing. Build your brand and presence, rather than tread water with Seek/My Career.

If you’d like to create a system to get a following of loyal job seekers, read on.

LinkedIn is a Marketing Tool

As a savvy networker, you may already be using LinkedIn, but not in a leveraged way. Our recruitment/job websites integrate well with LinkedIn, so a savvy networker can really use LinkedIn’s full power to create a marketable presence.

Copy our Recruitment Marketing system:

- Join topic groups and Jobs groups, upload contacts, and build relevant first connections.

- Drive traffic from LinkedIn to particular group of jobs listed on your niche website through inMail (this is free to your connections).

- Also use Twitter account automatically, to post updates to your site. Use #jobs tag.

- Post interesting topics (on inhouse blog) to several key LinkedIn groups.

Proof of traffic? Sending 200 messages to a highly relevant target market received 60 hits on the page (in this case of SharePoint jobs Sydney). That is a response rate of 33% for a cost of … nothing!

Post your Jobs in Multiple Postings

Say you sign up with Job Adder, a type of job aggregator. Using one Control Panel, you create a job and that job gets posted to all 250 job board sites, including your own website. They charge setup fees and around $99 per user per month, so you have to judge whether this is valuable, since the ads are also a separate cost.

If you use WordPress it can integrate with job aggregators, making everyday posting easier.

With particular themes specifically for Recruitment websites, you will be able to get a functional website with 'Search our Jobs' box and 'Latest News'. Although you may think you would be out about $6 - 10,000 this type of website, with our savvy and experience this is not the case. Everything is included for you in a Recruitment Website Development package, and it allows for ongoing updates (as you know, themes and systems are always improving).

Web hosting is a separate cost, but ensure backups are done weekly and the whole hosting maintenance is an affordable extra.

Secure Client & Candidate Database

Security of information is also very important. Why not keep it all in an offsite secure database. Some Australian recruiters are spending hundreds monthly on user license fees for recruitment industry CRM software, however, we have discovered a fully-featured Cloud CRM Application for a tiny monthly fee. It can be accessed on your tablet or latop as well. Another option is a website add-on which lets users register and have password-secured storage of their CV and details on your site.. better than just an unsecured email to you.

Red Planet Design supply all-in-one digital marketing solutions for niche recruiters, based on a real knowledge of what works.


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