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Why Online Survey Program is Time Wasting to Earn Money?

Updated on July 29, 2014

Numerous Ways to earn online

You are here because there is something in your mind that is related to online earning. Now, What are those ways? There are numbers of ways to make living income or pocket money. Some of those are:

  • Blogging (Most Important way but time taking)
  • Freelancing (for one who has specific talent)
  • Paid Writing
  • Webinars
  • Selling or Buying Services
  • Online Marketing
  • Selling Domains
  • Selling Themes
  • E-Commerce
  • Online Trading
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Publishing your own videos

  • Paid To Survey
  • Paid To Click
  • Get Paid To sites
  • Captcha work
  • Earn Reading Mails
  • Earn sending Sms

As you went through the list of ways to earn money, There is little space between lists. Why that gap is made? The ways above space is lethal and successful ways to earn money online that needs talent, patience, skills, strategies and knowledge. The ways by which you can earn living income, the ways by which you can make your own company, the ways by which you will be able to tell society that you are doing business, the ways by which you can leave your regular work, the ways by which you will have your own team to work. than what is the problem? The problem is these ways are not the way to earn money overnight and everybody is hoping so.

The another list shows the ways on which this article is written (specifically only one way). This list shows the ways to earn money that don't need skills, don't need strategy, it just needs internet connection and your TIME. and how much you can earn with that? hah.. can't say earn but can say loose. you will earn LITTLE money, but in return will waste PRECIOUS TIME.

Earn Money online
Earn Money online | Source

Why Time wasting methods are still in place?

you will think that if these methods are time wasting than why this is available on all over the internet. There are also many reasons. Owners of these websites that promises you to give money are earning much more money, not users. For example, One person without referral earns $3 per month from one PTC (Paid To Click) website. Now there are thousands of users of that website. Why owner will not promote his/her site? Because he is getting many customers that are ready to waste their time. So, Instead of wasting time, you should concentrate on proper ways to earn money online or from your regular job.

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ARGUMENT: Survey length is 5-10 minutes, This is not time wasting.

Some will argue that normally if you are using paid to survey sites, than they will say that survey length is only 5-10 minutes. You will get enough returns for that survey. No, That's not true. You will not waste time for that survey but you will waste time by searching many other sister sites that also pays you for that. You will waste time for doing research if the site you are using will pay you or not. You will waste your time to earn via their referral program where there is difficult to convince one that particular survey site is legit. You will waste your time in finding many other small ways that will give you EASY money.

Finally you will find all the ways that are listed in second list and you will start to waste your precious time.

What is the option to earn money then?

Now, What is the proper way to earn online? Answer of this question is in the first list. Every way listed there is legit and proper way by which you will be able to earn your dream income. You will be able to earn online with 110% surety. You will be sure that your efforts will be converted to your earning. You will be able to say that you have invested your time at right place.

This article is written to make you understand how legit ways are able to do what you want. Another sequence of this article will published if proper support from readers is achieved. Your comments will be appreciated.

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