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Why Personal Branding is Important for Baby Boomers

Updated on October 25, 2015

For baby boomers, the 20th century was certainly a great time in terms of personal and business success. It was during this time that baby boomers, the generation who were born from 1946 to 1964, enjoyed their greatest amount of success as they managed to change the way that success was achieved.

However, the advancement of the internet over the past decade has left many baby boomers who are still in their working years somewhat perplexed. Thanks to the rapid advancement of video, social media and overall communications that the internet has provided, baby boomers are finding that their traditional ways of reaching personal and business success are no longer being as effective as they once were.

One reason is the introduction of personal branding which has thrown a monkey wrench so to speak into the world of the baby boomers. Before, good old fashioned hard work and perseverance was more than enough to be successful. Today, the rules have changed somewhat as the being hard working simply is not enough. Customers need to notice your work and that is where personal branding comes into play. The same is true for those who may be introverted or shy about telling people their work history and achievements.

What is Personal Branding for Baby Boomers?

It is true that personal branding has become a buzz word much like the old catchphrases for success back in the 20th century. In those days, buzz words were often used to motivate those to achieve their goals and ambitions. However, personal branding is really more than just a buzz words as it is an avenue for reaching success. While hard work and perseverance are necessary elements, they are now just part of the complete package that will help ensure success.

Understanding personal branding starts with the acceptance that you will have to promote yourself and create strategies that boost your own personal brand. This is the way to get attention in the age of the internet so that your Return of Investment (ROI) will start to pay off. In essence, the more you can put in to your personal brand while maintaining a reputation for working hard and delivering results, the better positioned you will be on social media platforms and the like.

You may look at personal branding as self promotion, but there is nothing shameful about promoting what you have done as long as it is true and demonstrates your capabilities. What you offer to others can best be demonstrated by creating a personal brand that highlights your achievements. Of course, the same is true for introverts as well who must overcome their natural shyness to promote themselves in an effective manner.

How to Employ Personal Branding for Your Needs

Because personal branding is essentially your signature, the means by which others know of your work and accomplishments, it needs to be properly promoted so that you can stand out from everyone else. This is arguably the most important aspect of promoting your accomplishments on the internet is that it separates you from all of those with similar backgrounds, but arguably different achievements, standards and goals that make you unique. This is the information that potential employers will find most useful as they can look over your qualifications and see if you are the best fit for their needs.

It must be noted that personal branding is more than just having a resume online, it is how you market yourself that helps set you apart. Resumes are a dime a dozen and for many employers they look very much alike. However, thanks to social media and other internet tools that are available, you can take branding efforts to an entirely new level.

Quick Response: Because you have established your presence on social media, answering inquiries is a simple and fast process that works to build up your reputation as well. Potential employers are always more impressed with those who respond quickly to their questions.

Presentation: By using the right social media outlets, you can properly present your achievements, goals, and contact information all in one place. Plus, you can add images, photos and video to create a stronger message about who you are, what you do and what you hope to accomplish.

Accessibility: Today, there are over a billion social media accounts and that number is growing considerably every day. Social media has made it possible for visual and instant communication to exist between people from opposite sides of the Earth. While face-to-face meetings are certainly still effective, social media has changed the rules and now many businesses conduct much of the communication work on the internet and particularly with social media.

How to Better Communicate Through Social Media

Whether you are interested in personal branding for introverts or baby boomers, the bottom line is to be effective in communicating your presence is through effect use of social media. The key is shaping your efforts so that you can enjoy maximum benefits. Plus, the good news for introverts is that working through social media is still less personal when compared to face-to-face, video or even phone interviews where such contact can provide a level of being unsettled. Here, you get to enjoy a considerable amount of control.

Show Your Passion: When you are creating a branding style for your personal achievements, it is very important that you emphasize your work experiences as well as your activities and other interests that demonstrate your passion. You can communicate what you love to do and show others how it affects your life.

Even elements that are not work related, but still show your passion or zest for a particular industry or subject will show the world something of your identity which can be quite attractive to potential employers looking for someone who is passionate about their work. You can even reflect on your experiences and narrate your feelings about what interests you which only expands your branding efforts.

Be Personal: You will need to be yourself as 3rd person branding simply does not work. You can help create this presence by social networking so that you can build up your status over time. By understanding that there are different audiences, you can shape your platform to suit the one that best serves your needs.

Listening: Arguably the key to shaping your personal brand is the art of listening. This is because you are going to have to respond to hundreds of tweets, posts and updates on social medial platforms which will help define your personality and interest. You will need to build and grow your network of contacts and that only occurs when you demonstrate the ability to listen so that others can get to know you better.

Patience: All of this effort is going to take time which means that you will need to demonstrate patience. Part of your branding efforts are designed to be observant and self-reflective which means that you will make mistakes, but they are the kind that can be corrected because personal branding is what you do over the long run. Today, it is easier than ever to build a website, upload photos, images, video and information so that you can shape your branding to best reflect your personal passions.

Where to Start?

When it comes to personal branding for baby boomers and introverts, the best three social media outlets to start are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook is the far and away the most popular and here you can reach the most people. LinkedIn is designed specifically for personal branding of those interested in attracting the attention of employers in business and industry which helps advance your goals. Finally, Twitter is also highly popular for its simplicity in reaching out and responding to those in the industry whether they are employers or simply those who share your passion.

By starting with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, baby boomers and introverts can start the process of personal branding which will help separate you from the rest of the crowd. You should start slowly in the process so that you can learn what to do and then employ the right responses. For example, if you have not delved into social media, it is a good idea to open up a few accounts such as in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and see what is going on.

LinkedIn is a great way to build up your personal brand as it is dedicated towards the employment side of your personality. Here, you can list your accomplishments, education and achievements by simply filling out the LinkedIn profile. Facebook is also a great way to communicate with others and you can create a personal and professional account so that your family and friends can stay in touch while having a more professional account where businesses and those in the industry can search.

In the end, your personal branding efforts are a long-term project that will require a daily effort on your part. But the results will be greater success if you employ the right approach that builds up your personal image on social media.


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