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Why Place Classified Business Ads

Updated on September 10, 2011

Classified ads come in 2 forms. Traditional print version your local newspaper, and

with the internet the online version. Do you realize that only a small percentage if any

at all potential customers look at the classifieds. Most people don’t have the time to

look at classifieds looking for your service.

Classified ads are great if you are just trying to sell something. If you are a business owner and trying to attract customers classified ads are not the way to go. Most people looking for your services or products will not be looking in the classifieds. They are doing their searches with places like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The major search sites have changed their formulations in searching. They are now concentrating on local searches. They no longer search classified ads. If you do a search for a specific service in your local area you might be lucky to see 1 link for a classified service. Everything else is service specific. This is where you need to be to get people coming to your door or having the phone ring off the hook.

Most potential customers looking for a particular service or product will do a search of their local are either on their computer or their smart phone. And they are generally doing that on one of the above websites. If you aren’t listed their then they won’t find you.

With the way the internet is structured now you as a business owner don’t need a website. Sure it is nice to have but if you can’t afford it right now that’s ok. The key to having a successful offline business with online presence is first of all having your business searchable, then it is important to have reviews from customers about their experience with you. We have found that if you provide them with the service or product that you promised them and ask them to please give a review, the majority of the customers will give it to you.

Getting your business listed is not difficult but can be time consuming. Most business owners need to spend their time taking care of their customers not worrying about their advertising. There are marketing consultants everywhere that specifically work with small businesses. Large marketing firms are looking for the “Big Fish” or whale and most small businesses couldn’t and can’t afford them. By doing a local search for marketing consultants in your area you can find one that will fit your needs.


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