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Why Should I Have A Pinterest Account?

Updated on May 14, 2013

Why Pinterest?

With all of the social media sites out there today, why should you add yet another one?

Great question. The internet is bombarded with new outlets everyday.

I will review it from my perspective as well as the general population.

A Market Perspective

What is your target market? If it is women, in general, Pinterest is a great place to be. Women love to share. Pinterest is a great place to share just about anything that you can think of that can be photographed or videoed.

The items I see the most are shoes, dresses, and jewelry. It has been said that most women who are getting married check Pinterest first before they start their wedding shopping.
It is very easy to "see" what is working on Pinterest. Just type in your product and see what pictures come up. This eliminates the hassells of reading through groups or forums like other social media sites. You can also follow people's individual boards so you can really narrow your focus to just what you want to see. Your followers can do the same thing so you do not get other things that do not pertain to your focus thrown in the mix.

An Ease Perspective

Pinterest is just easy. There are no fancy things you must do to get started and keep maintaining your site. You have boards that you can name and pin only items pertaining to the board. You sign up and make your first pin in about 20 minutes.

If you keep the simplicity of the site in focus, you will realize that taking 10 minutes a day to make a few pins can pay off in the long run.

From a Marketing Perspective

What a great way to market. Most people love visuals. This includes video. You can (and should) pin both pictures and video. It is like a see before you buy site for alot of businesses, such as hair stylists, web designers, artists, and the like.

A feature that I did not notice at first (which was silly) is the fact that you can put a link on every one of your pins. This is great as a free traffic generator. Now, it would be silly to link your personal pins, but every one of your business pins should have a link. Why?

Another feature is you can repin other people's pins. So, if a person with 1,000 followers repins my pin, 1,000 people have the opportunity to not only see the pin, but they can cliack on it to come to my website. Beauty!

From a Fad Perspective

Is Pinterest a fad? Will it fade into the sunset? No. As long as we have a camera and love to share, it is going nowhere fast. In addition, Pinterest has received 300 million dollars in 2013 from Japan and other investors. I don't think they will let that investment go south!

Overall, Pinterest gets my thumbs up for a great marketing and personal fun perspective. It's a great way to do more business and post your vacation photos! That way, you don't have to "Pin" down the relatives to watch your home movies!

If you would like more information on Pinterest, I have a fiverr gig where you can get a 6 video course on how to become an expert on Pinterest. Just click here to be directed to the course. Enjoy.


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    • createmyeconomy profile image

      createmyeconomy 4 years ago from USA, Australia

      Thank you soconfident. Yes, Pinterest is a great place. Very good!

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      Pinterest has become a popular social that can bring customers to your business.