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Why Some People Can't Succeed

Updated on January 31, 2011

Some people just can't seem to make it in life. Why is that? Are they destined to be "losers"? Or are they products of their disconnected families? What happens if good parents turn out "bad" kids? Who is really responsible for the "bums" in our society?

To answer any of those questions, you have to first look at what success really is. Making money is merely a by-product of success; but even people who make a lot of money can really be stupid. And by stupid, I mean inconsistent - living by whims, not planning out their goals, and eventually losing it all. So sure they might have had a major business or idea that they made a household name, but if they don't keep putting work into those initial efforts that proved effective, the venture will collapse.

By definition, success is the favorable end to an endeavor. You can be successful in a positive way, just as surely as you can be successful in a negative way. You can be successful as a selfish person, and you can be successful doing random acts of kindness.

Do some people just not understand what real success is? That's a strong possibility. They are chasing after the wind for something that is not theirs to keep. Success eludes them for the simple fact that their goals are too lofty, or they lack the motivation and hard-work ethic to accomplish what they see in their minds' eye. So no, not everyone will be successful. Is it something everyone has a right to? Yes! But only if they want it and do something about it!

The scary thing is, people can be successful in harming others, and take pride in doing so. That sick and twisted view drives a lot of people in this world to do evil things. What's worse is that there are exceptional parents out there who turn out loser adult children. Not all criminals had dead-beat parents. Some might have been the only positive influences in their lives. Yet, something happens to change things. That something is usually unresolved anger or hurt over being rejected, ridiculed, or having suffered a loss, or maybe a chemical imbalance makes them not able to think clearly and resolve conflicts appropriately. Sometimes it's even from wanting to fit in, and mixing with the wrong crowd. People are highly influenced by what they see and who they know. This may include association by religion, education, and even careers.

That's why it is so important to look for ways to cultivate success in the positive. Success, after all, breeds success. It can't be wished, stolen, or borrowed. You have to want it and do something about it! So all the losers need to quit feeling sorry for themselves, learn some skills or admit they have a problem, in order to move ahead. Goals must be part of everyone's daily lives - everyone dreams about what they want out of life - and anyone can take the steps to get there, however impossible it might seem at first. Without trying, you'll never know. The fear of failure is so great that more than half the people who start out with high ambitions ever amount to anything. It is easier to talk big, than to walk big. And that is why not everyone will or can succeed.


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