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Why Tattoos and Body Art Are Perfectly Acceptable for Job Interviews

Updated on June 11, 2011

I'll try not to turn this into too much of a rant. To say that tattoos and body art are unacceptable for all job interviews is, quite simply, insane. Let's start with tattoos...First of all: What kind of job are we talking about here? A construction job renders your argument invalid. As does a factory job. In fact, the only places I foresee tattoos being an issue, are places nobody wants to work at, anyway: Fast Food Restaurants, and Initech. Even then, we're talking about something as simple as putting on a long sleeved shirt.

And who are these employers that still think, in 2011, that the only people with tattoos are ex-cons and gang members? Wake up. We are living in the age of information, communication and personal expression. Tattoos aren't the taboo thing they were forty or fifty years ago. The senior citizens that are offended by them are quickly disappearing.


Look here... Everything offends someone. I'm not a fan of facial piercings or gauged ears, but I'm certainly not going to pass on a potentially amazing candidate because he or she has a stud in their tongue. That's who they are. If I were to tell you about how I didn't hire a guy because he was morbidly obese, and I thought he would be a lazy employee, someone in the ACLU or NAMBLA would have my head on a stick for discrimination.You cannot base hiring decisions on such a ridiculous standard of aesthetic professionalism. Our physical differences should be celebrated, whether we were born that way or not. If you go back long enough, you would find people that were offended by women wearing pants. As a society, we need to move forward and evolve.. Stop holding on to our ancestors ignorant prejudices and obsolete ways, and think for yourself. Unless it's a tribal. In that case, not only should you not hire them, you should probably find their house and spray paint DOUCHE BAG across their vehicle in giant letters while they sleep.


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    • Furbush profile image

      Furbush 6 years ago from Dirrrty Franklin, New Hampshire

      I realize the reality, I just don't agree with it. In fact, I do it myself from time to time....Then hate myself afterwards.

      And apologies. I'm new here, and since Chuck's hub was the inspiration for this one... I just thought... Well... Nevermind.... There was no excuse. Lesson learned.

    • mrpudgy profile image

      Clifford Beaver 6 years ago from Winnipeg, Manitoba

      I believe Chuck was on the spot with his hub. Whether other people like it or not, there are still many employers that will not hire you for a professional job, as it gives off a bad image to the company. Sure you can get away with it in construction and no, not everyone is a con. But in the reality of things, not every employer cares 2 bits about what discrimination organizations or anyone else has to say about their hiring procedures. And it is difficult to win a case on discrimination. Especially when it's just over a tattoo. I just think it's a trivial and personal argument. That's all. Life's full of choices and if anyone chooses to get a tattoo, they should keep in mind that if they are all tattered up from shoulders to fingertips, some employers just will not hire you. Straight up. Whether it's insane or not. It's irrelevant. It's about reality.