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Why Time Management Will Not Work for You?

Updated on April 10, 2009

You just can not Manage Time

Problem is you have been trying to manage some thing that is out-right un-manageable, period.

Time is not a renewable resource. It elapses at a constant rate and every one has same 24 hours each day. No one can store Time or go back or forward in Time. You can not change an iota about this Time; so what is this hu-la-la about Time Management, that too at such a world wide scale?

The conventional Time Management is a bad example of looking at things up- side down. Since it began with the assumption of Time being manageable it began with, diaries, calendars, organisers etc. This way your goals and aspirations got jotted down in slightly better bound, fancy diaries and organisers, without any better end result. Your dreams, Goals and new year resolutions remained, just on paper, as usual.

Hence for Time Management to work for you we need to look at it from a totally different perspective, which would be about not trying to manage Time and instead learning to begin "Managing ourselves according to Time".

This is the paradigm shift that had been a miss from the evolution of Time Management so far. So like many, if you have rightly decided to manage your life but instead got botched down by the orthodox Time Management brigade, take heart there is hope!!

Time Management is Everything

Time is nothing but action, hence true Time Management is all about taking congruent actions in your NOW.
Time is nothing but action, hence true Time Management is all about taking congruent actions in your NOW.

Regular Congruent Actions is the First Step

Hence we now realize beyond any doubt, that for our Time Management efforts to be successful we need some alternative thinking.

If, Time Management is actually Life Management then we first need to understand our life first. But this would be a big topic. By the time we conclude what’s Life (i.e. if and when we are able to conclude) it may be too late or stale to Manage Time. In other words the Time to Manage Time would be over.

This is why the book “No Such Thing as Time” gives so clear, crisp and comprehensible concepts about life and time that for the first time we are able to understand the right relationship between the two and realize that “Time Management is nothing but Action Management”.

Then comes the true bombshell: we all now realize what has been the obstacle, in our path to success all along. Its the in-ability to take timely action. Be it due to procrastination, laziness or shear bad habit of avoiding actions.

Hence, key to successful Time Management or success in life now comes down to the crucial “Ability to take Congruent Actions towards our set Goals”.

Hence finally we have now got a reference point from where to look at the issue of Time Management anew. This will change the whole approach. Now we know that Time, Time measuring devices like clocks and watches and time recording facilities like Calendars & Diaries are all secondary and not so important. Important first issue of Time Management effort must be how to develop the habit of taking regular congruent actions towards our Goals.

You can manage yourself according to Time

What is the best way to Manage Time ?

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    • INFJay profile image

      Jay Manriquez 

      9 years ago from Santa Rosa, California

      Excellent article! Having taught "time management" workshops for many years, one of the points I've tried to convey is that not all time management tools will work for you. One needs to understand one's personal goals and priorities. Thank you.

    • G P Tripathi profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr G P Tripathi 

      9 years ago from India

      thanks james,

      so stop reading and start acting on your goals

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      how true, now I began to understand why my time management efforts have been failing me


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