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Why Use A Hosting Service For Your Blog?

Updated on January 8, 2012

For anyone thinking about starting their own blog, I want to make the case for why your blog should be hosted by a hosting service. Of course your first thought is probably..."does he realizes that he writing on a site that's not run by a hosting service ?"

Yes, I'm very aware of that fact, and by the way...thanks for caring about my mental faculties, I'm older now but I'm not quite senile yet. So what does a hosting service provide for you that a site such as and Blogger and of course Hubpages does not?

Well it's not so much what they don't provide for you, as what you should be looking for if you're really serious about blogging as a business...that's right I said that terrible word..."Business."

For those of you reading this hub who've really not had the amount of experience that I've had as a professional blogger, let me share a few things with you that will better explain why I'm telling you this.

Blogging first began as a way for people to keep personal diaries about their everyday lives. Personally when I first heard about these "Blogs" or "Vlogs" as they are also referred to at times was "why would I want to share personal stuff on the Internet with complete strangers?"

But then after I found that it was useful to have a blog to vent my frustrations and not kill just about everyone at my former place of employment, I began blogging in earnest. But then I began reading more about blogging, and read several different blogs, but the ones that really caught my eye at first were two blogs by bloggers Yaro Starak and Darren Rowse. Both of these gentlemen own the blogs "Entrepreneurs" and respectively.

These were the first blogs that showed me it's actually possible to make a living as a full time blogger, and so I just dived right in...and I learned a lot in the process. And the most important thing that I learned is you need to have a blog that has it's own domain name and is hosted on a hosting site.

There are a few reasons why you should use a hosting service for your blog including

  • You will have your own domain name
  • Monetizing your blog is easier
  • You have total Control and Ownership of your blog's content

Why are these things so important you may be wondering, well this is where we get into the business aspect of blogging. When you look past the idea of just "blogging" and think of your blog as a business, there are certain things that have to come into play. Having your own domain name is actually very important when you begin to look at a blog as a business platform.

This blog will become your "Personal Brand" on the web. It will be used to market your business, whether your blogging in the "health" niche or the "food" niche or whatever your passionate about, that blog is your main marketing tool.

Another part of business blogging is "monetizing" the blog. In case your not familiar with what monetization of a blog is, well it's a way to make money through your blog (or website) by doing things such as placing "Google Adsense" ads on your blog or using "Affiliate Marketing" to generate sales through your blog, and these are just a two things that I wanted to mention...there are more ways to monetize a blog.

And the most important issue with a hosted blog is control and ownership of the content that you create for the blog. When you write content on your own blog, rather than on sites like Hubpages and other sites that offer their services for free, you can write what you like without there being an issue. You set your own rules, rather than following the rules of these other services. The other thing is that whatever you write on your own blog...well you own it, lock stock and barrel.

Many of these free service blogging platforms do not let you actually own the content that you create, and this becomes very important as you try to build your brand on the web.

So if you are just a casual writer, then using as free blogging service will do the job nicely for you. But if you plan on building a business as a blogger, then going with a hosting service to use to house your blog is the first step that you will need to take to use your blog as a business platform.

Lew Newmark is the owner of KeyWords Media


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