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Why Using Outside Sales Recruiters Works

Updated on January 30, 2014

Recruiters bring the best

Successful companies hire successful employees. Job recruiters fill positions with individuals who bring something special to the organization.

The time it takes to staff a successful sales team becomes costly when turnover continually adds work for sales managers, HR managers and sales personnel who must cover additional territories.

Recruiting quality sales professionals

Finding sales representatives with goals paralleling those of your company while keeping costs to a minimum starts with your recruiting process. Constructing a screening process to draw qualified applicants to your openings means:

  • Building a network of prospects through employee referral programs and social networking
  • Read industry periodicals in print and online to watch for rising stars in sales
  • Contact prospects in your industry even if they work for a competitor
  • Use an outside recruiting service
  • An interview process to show the best and worst practices of a candidate

Don't Waste Time

Outside sales recruiters

Turnover comes with a high price tag. Internal recruiting takes time away from the sales manager's core responsibilities and requires other sales personnel to cover the territory left open by the loss of a sales person. An outside recruiter comes to you with:

  • The time to recruit the best candidates for your team
  • An extensive network of sources to choose from, including success when calling competitors to recruit individuals with experience
  • A list of potential sales personnel to contact immediately to shorten reaction times and save money
  • Outside recruiters offer free trials, guarantees to replace personnel who fall short of your company's expectations and the profit a qualified recruit earns pays for the service quickly
  • Recruiting firms take the pressure off sales staff and HR managers who do not have the resources available to react as quickly as the outside recruiter

Hiring Choices

Where do you find the best potential sales people for your team?

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Interviewing for action, not words

The interview process decides whom you will hire. People who choose sales as a profession do so because their personality and outspokenness makes for sales success. Talking and convincing as an occupation makes it easy for applicants to try charming their way into positions for which they do not qualify.

  • Ask about current and past sales processes

Listen for clues into the personality of the person. Clues into the personality of an applicant will emerge as they explain the processes used in the past. Effective listening will help determine if the person takes orders better than hunting for new territories.

  • Ask for the prospect's long-term goals

Ask the candidate about his future goals with your company. If the person indicates no desire to stay for ten years or more, move to the next candidate. Turnover creates lapses in your department's profitability. Avoid the counter-productive act of hiring someone just to fill an empty spot.

  • Examples of closing a sale

Have the candidate give an example of their style when closing a sale. Once he concludes the first example, ask for another.

Do the same with examples of a long sales cycle from start to close. Applicants will come prepared with one scenario to present their positive attributes. Asking for a second, off-the-cuff example illuminates another side of your prospect.

Sales representatives who put action behind their qualifications give credibility to their claims. You want specific, provable examples of sales techniques and potential success the applicant will bring to your company.

How to interview with style

Interviewing for a prospective sales position, whether interviewing with an HR manager or sales recruiter, takes skill and knowledge. Prepare for an interview as though it were a sales call.

  • Research the company and know their products or services
  • Dress for the job
  • Back your skills with action statements
  • Be prepared to sell the company product or service to the interviewer
  • Never lie on your resume or during an interview

Experience not fluff

Fill positions with experience, not fluff. Use the cost effective solution by hiring an outside sales recruiter to find the right people for the job. Stack your resources for faster reaction to turnover.

Be prepared to interview.


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