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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Updated on July 3, 2017
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Owner and blogger of The 411 Addict, freelance writer, and published poet. Heather was named one of Eber & Weins Best Poets of 2018.

Making Sense of Virtual Assistants

So what exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office.

Ok, so we have this part established but why would anyone want a virtual assistant versus a regular in office assistant? Well, many reason come to mind.

It makes business sense to keep overhead costs down, and one of the biggest benefits of hiring a VA is cost savings as they are paid only for the hours they work. Many outsource the tasks that they don't have the skills for and don't have the time to learn.

With the number of Virtual Assistants growing now days, it makes it easier for business's and organizations to find a specific one to meet their needs! Business's can use a VA for everything from bookkeeping, making customer service calls, data entry, online research, web design, blogging, receiving and sending feedback emails, and even just sending thank you cards to prospective employers. Virtual assistants are just like any of your other employees, they just happen to work remotely. It is important that we establish great relationships with these VA's because they work just as hard as a regular in house employee, sometimes if not harder!

Follow ups with Clients and even potential clients is customer service that is important to any business owner or organization. Sending and receiving messages in particular is one example of a virtual assistant task. Other task to be outsourced could be data entry, transporting paper information to a computer based program, presentations, researching topics, statistical data, and transforming information/notes into a power point or transferring notes to a word Document to help a business get ready for a presentation.

When it comes to sending thank you notes and holiday thank you cards, this can become very overwhelming and time consuming for companies. This is also a task that could be outsourced to a virtual assistant.

Sometimes booking airfares, scheduling hotel stays, scheduling appointments, keeping up with events on a calendar can just be to much. All of these tasks have tools available online! So why not let a virtual assistant take it over? Social media pages, keeping up with them, adding new information as needed, and answering peoples questions or concerns about new products on the horizon. Hiring a virtual assistant for these duties and paying once they are completed will save your company major cost and time.

What Can I Outsource to my Virtual Assistant?

Improving the Work Quality & Productivity

A regular paid office worker is paid a fixed monthly salary plus benefits. A study by personal development coach Steve Pavlina revealed that the average office worker only spends 90 productive minutes at work. He discovered that during the rest of her time she/he reads the newspaper, extended coffee breaks, chatting with co-workers, and just surfing the web. A virtual assistant is not a full-time worker. They are only paid for productive hours rendered. Each hour logged in by a virtual assistant has met a specific task. Virtual assistants are more focused on completing their task because their type of work is defined by meeting those milestones and targets. In that four hours the virtual assistant is working, they can generate more productivity and at less cost then a regular office worker.

How to Increase Your Productivity Using a Virtual Assistant

Are You a Business Owner that has Used a Virtual Assistant?

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Running a Business can get Very Stressful Without Help

Is this you or looks like someone you know?
Is this you or looks like someone you know?

5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

5 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant Now

  1. Lowers the cost of your business
  2. Increases the level of your productivity
  3. Improves efficiency by doing more work in less time
  4. Outsourcing certain task allows you to concentrate on tasks that require your expertise.
  5. Pay once milestones are reached instead of a monthly salary

We are moving to a new era is business and technology. Paper is going away and more companies are moving to all digital filing, digital receipts, paperless billing, and much more. Virtual Assistants are being used in place of providing extra space in an office building.


  • Studies have shown that hiring a virtual assistant over a full time employee will save a company on average 78% in annual cost per year.

Productivity Increase-

  • It affords you more time to focus on functions that demand your expertise.
  • Virtual assistants today are more skilled and cover different disciplines.

Improving Efficiency-

  • You will only pay your virtual assistant for the work that has been completed vs a full time employee that you must pay whether they finish their work or not.

Time Saved Using a Virtual Assistant

Statistical Data

So Why Hire a VA?

At the end of the day virtual assistants are independent contractors which means no need to think about payroll taxes, vacation pay, sick days, worker's compensation and employee benefits such as health and dental insurance and there are no OSHA regulations to follow. Businesses of all sizes could greatly benefit from using a virtual assistant . It is an approach that addresses both cost and revenue and completely refines productivity.

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