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Why We Should Redistribute The Wealth In This Country Part 2

Updated on January 13, 2013
Sad Clown by Llardro
Sad Clown by Llardro

Dear Sir;

Thank you for your comments on my previous article "Why We Should Redistribute Wealth In This Country". I appreciate your effort in writing them and know you are sincere in your position. However, I wonder if you would be open to a different view? Assuming you are open, may I ask you to consider the following?

Americans are the most generous supporters of the needy in the world. This is not an opinion, it is a fact. No other country comes to the aid of the needy like America and Americans. When you examine the data for donations to disasters around the world, America is always the leader in offering help and money.

I am a gemologist working in many African countries. Until you have been to Africa and India, you do not know the meaning of suffering. In our country, the poor can get medical treatment, food stamps, free clothing, and will be sheltered. The children can be educated, and the infrastructure exists for people to get out of poverty and enter the wealthier classes. Even a poor black man, can educate himself, and become President of the United States.

Is it easy? Absolutely not! Can people be homeless? Yes, but there is help for them. I am not saying that a shelter is a safe place to stay. It is however, a place to stay. Homelessness in Africa and India means you are on the street with no help. If you think that is of little importance, then you and I will have to respectfully agree to disagree. No one in this country has to go hungry, be without shelter and clothing. If you know anyone who is suffering this way, take them to the appropriate government agency or to a local church and they will be helped. Try to get that help in Africa my friend.

Let us now consider Mr. Trump and your assertions that he does not work hard and exploits the working class. Mr. Trump is well known for his charitable good works and giving. You should also understand that in order to run a successful business empire one has to be very intelligent, wise, have incredible people skills, and work very long, hard hours. I would be shocked if he works less than 70 hours a week.

I know you are going to say he gives only to get tax deductions. When you give, it is true that it lowers your taxes, but it does not lower your taxes to the same amount that you give. The man is in the top tax brackets and pays everything the government can get their hands on. Would you rather he give it to our government and let them spend it? Would you not think the charity he gives to would use it more wisely?

In order to get a job working at one of Trump’s companies, you have to apply for the job. Trump’s HR people try to get the best people they can find for the least amount of money they can pay. That is how it works. Still, they understand the value and competition for these people and have to pay what they are worth. What they are worth is dependent upon their skills and the availability of others to do the same job.

The more skilled you are and the less number of people who can do the job, the higher your worth to a company looking to hire. No one is forced to work for anyone in this country. You are free to work for whom and where you wish. If you don’t think you are being valued and your company is exploiting you, it is simple to remedy; quit.

In regards to money needing to flow, it can only flow when business men put their hard earned cash into the market and take huge risks to start a business or investment. If you want money to flow, lower taxes and let the men who are prepared to risk their money invest it in their businesses and give the rest of the people jobs. That is not redistribution, it is creation.

An employee gets paid whether the company makes money or not. The boss only gets his investment back and makes money if the business makes money. Why don’t you ask the small business man how many times he took no paycheck in order to have the money to pay his staff? Now go ask the employees how many times they did not take a paycheck so the boss could get paid.

I am not saying that there are not greedy rich people. I am saying that most wealthy people are smart enough to have made money and that money does not belong to everyone, it belongs to them because they made it. If you want some, then risk your savings and start a business of your own. We will see how you feel about wealth redistribution when they come to take your money sir.

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