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How Youtube Helped to Build My Online Business

Updated on November 14, 2017
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Whether you like it or not websites that do not make the first three listings in Google virtually have no traffic.

How YouTube Launched My Business To New Heights

I had been hearing more and more about video marketing and how it was engaging more and more people and making it much easier to convert visitors to actual sales.

My biggest problem however was who to believe, every man and his dog were making huge claims about how you can do this and that and make heaps of money by using YouTube, but of course you needed to buy their program first.

I decided to go it alone and do what I thought was the best thing, which was to firstly set up a YouTube channel for my business and then start creating the videos to publish.

Let's Take A Step Back For A Moment

My business which I am not going to speak about here allows me to create videos that have actual clients in them who are not paid to participate and openly and honestly speak about the business and the fun and excitement they experience while engaging my services.

Take A Look At The Stats And You Decide!

OK without me going on and on about how effective this has been for me let me show you the stats and you decide. What you will see is the statistics from 2011 to 2014 and how consistent the traffic has been over that three year period.

Even though the stats show i started in 2010 the traffic never really grew until 2011

Then if you want we can open up a discussion about what I did and how I did it. my name is Justin Cunneen and I would really like to help you out with your YouTube marketing.

What I Discovered Very Fast Was This....

What I discovered really fast was the more regular you are with publishing videos the more traffic you get. Before I forget this has nothing to do with keywords all the video titles being published were related to my business but I never did any keyword research to manipulate the search engine listings.

It is now 2015 and the principles are still the same.

Google Made Me A YouTube Partner

Once I became a partner of YouTube I was then able to also add paid advertising to my account. Now I was not only getting paid by my clients for the services I was providing,I was now also going to be paid by Google with the first estimates to be around $2,929,84.

I was also able to make videos using my own camera and at no additional cost to me or my business.

This Was To Easy Would It Continue?

Many people say that if it is to good to be true than it usually is and that you should avoid such things. However I am here to tell you that it was easy all I had to do is everything i was with clients make a video and upload it and my traffic would grow.

Best of all no fear of any penalties and no more costly seo marketing bills trying to bring traffic to my business site the videos were doing it all for me.

2012 Was Even A Better Year

My channel was up to 2,549,333 views and has had an estimated 1,357,385 minutes watched. With the traffic averaging around 5000 Visitors a day with a peak of close to 20,000 visitors on one day.

My Earnings Doubled From 2011 to 2012

If you compare the two performance reports then you will notice that the earnings in one year are estimated to double. These are not my estimates they are created by Google.

Another aspect I learned about publishing videos was to publish on the afternoons of Friday as the traddic always seemed to be more than a weekday and the residual traffic would carry over to Saturday and Sunday

2013 My Traffic Dropped But Earnings Continued To Increase

2013 saw a slight decline in traffic, this was possibly due to me not publishing as many videos. However in saying that my estimated viewing time increased and so did the estimated income to $5,075,78.

I should mention that all estimates are in Australian dollars not USD.

If you look at the views below you can actually see where I was not publishing videos as often. The traffic does slowly fall away. The only saving grace I have with the income increase was that at this stage I had over 100 videos uploaded and over 7000 subscribers which means when I did publish the video would get massive exposure.

What Happens To The Channel If You Don't Publish

I wanted to see what would happen to the channel if I stopped publishing completely. In the screen shot below you will see that the views per day have virtually leveled out to around 4.500 views a day and I have not published anything new to the YouTube Channel in over three months.

My 2014 Earnings Also Started To Decline

After 3 months of not posting any videos at all even though my subscriber numbers have increased and more and more websites have embedded my videos on their sites the earnings for the channel declined by around 30 percent.

The Traffic Remained Constant During 2014

Even though my traffic had declined it did stay constant between 4,000 and 4,500 views a day which I must say not many websites can actually boost that amount of traffic.

This channel was not only sending around 15 percent of viewers to my actual websites where the trust flow had already been established. And because of the trust my videos had created the conversion rate on the traffic coming the the lifted from around 2 percent to over 10 percent.

Earnings And Traffic Of The YouTube Channel Ending 2014

Have a look below at the amounts that were made and the traffic gained by creating a YouTube channel and then publishing videos.

In four years I had 8,891,066 views with estimated 10,520,659 minutes watched with an estimated earnings of $16,795.11.

Have a look at the screen shot below. Right now it is August 2015 and I am not going to tell you my earnings as yet and i still have not published a video in twelve months but what I will tell you is that I have increased my subscribers to over 16.000 people with having to do a thing.

Do You Want To Know More?

For those that are interested in doing this please add your comments below. if there is enough interest I will add more and show you all the stats for 2015 to date. The earning estimates listed are just that estimates, some years I made much more not to mention the associations and new clients I have gained..

Make sure you follow this to get the latest updates and figures for 2015.

© 2015 Justin Cunneen

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