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Why You Should Distribute An Agenda Before A Business Meeting

Updated on October 17, 2011

Encourage Employee Participation With A Business Agenda


Preparing an agenda before a business meeting helps keep your employees on task and encourages them to contribute worthwhile input. Business meetings need to be productive to justify taking time away from your and your employees’ work duties.


Sending out your agenda prior to your business meeting gives your employees time to review discussion points. Certain employees may panic when asked to speak about an issue if they didn’t have any warning or time to prepare before the meeting. If an issue directly relates to an employee’s client or department, he’ll have time to conduct research or obtain supporting documentation, so he can confidently talk to the issue.

Also, this allows separate departments to collaborate on meeting topics and draft a list of points to cover when you reach that issue on the agenda.


While you’re writing your business agenda, you may discover that you need to schedule separate meetings to cover issues not directly related to the focal topic. Employees may also come to you with suggestions prior to the meeting, which will allow you to revise the business agenda to address departmental needs.


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