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Why You Should Quit your Full-Time Job & Start Applying For Freelancer Jobs

Updated on March 30, 2015


There are times when you might feel that your current job is leading you nowhere with an emotion of being caught in a rut. But then the idea of quitting your current job makes you take a step back and continue with the plight. However, with faster communication channels, development in technology which has served with the ability to work from a distant location, without hauling to and fro, from work and back home. Yes, we are going to talk about freelancer jobs, to start with the benefits of going freelance that would help you make up your mind to put down your papers, the profiles that you can choose from and the measure that will help you keep the ball rolling.

Reasons to Opt For a Freelance Career

There must be certain set of reasons, which might be holding you back in order to clear that thick cloud of doubt, I am going to state certain strong enough reasons that will lead you to sign-off from your current job and set sail for a freelance career.


#1. No Limitations

As a freelancer you are not limited to your desk, your responsibilities and skills as you can work for any kind of a project, industry or sector, which would certainly enrich your professional profile as a skilled and seasoned freelancer. Hence, as a freelancer, you are not confined to office timings, your key responsibility areas or domain, moreover, as a freelancer you can develop several skills that will give implicit boost to your earning potential.

#2. Satisfy Your hunger to 'Create'

In your full time job your creativity and innovative abilities must have remained confined to the needs of the business, or your manager who would not allow your ideas to see the light of the day even if he did the credit was passed on to him. As a freelancer, you would be independent and owner of your own ideas, where you can explore your creative potential and be credited for the awesome job you did, leading to greater satisfaction by feeding the creative bug in you and a reputation as a highly innovative freelancer.

#3. Wider Avenues

Freelancers work independently and are free to choose whatever and whoever they want to work with. As a freelancer, you can wear several hats at the same time, meaning, that you can develop a specialization in several areas to increase your chain of clients as well as to enhance your professional reputation. Here you are the decision maker without any restraining authorities or hierarcy to command your decisions.

#4. Higher Earning potential

You are limited to your monthly salary as a full-time professional, however, once you have established yourself as a proficient, creative and skilled freelancer, you will develop a chain of clients who would keep coming back to you, giving immense rise to your earning potential. After years of freelancing career, you will have a well developed network of clients who would help you in snowballing your paychecks.


#5 Independence to Work From Anywhere

So you were limited to your 9 to 5 desk job and have been craving for a holiday for over a year which could not turn into reality, as your leaves cannot be approved. Here, this is not the case, you can choose to take an off from work at your own will, decide the location where you would want to work from and determine your working hours. As a freelancer, you can work from a remote location, a holiday destination or where ever you want, this means that you get the best of both the world's, earning while on a vacation and vacationing while earning.

Since you know the perks or the benefits of freelancer jobs, now let us take you through some tips that would help you stand out among thousands of freelancers who have established themselves, and might turn out to be stiff competitors.

Here are the tips which would help you get discovered by clients and some more tips on how to market yourself.

#1. Curate a Professional Profile

This is one the most important aspect of establishing yourself as a freelancer. The first step is to create a website, if you have the funds to do so or create a blog that highlights your skills and professional expertise. Make a profile which is well curated highlighting your professional life and experiences. Clients are more inclined towards knowing about what kind of services you offer and whether you are skilled enough to pursue a project or not. So when making your professional website or a blog, make sure that you mention your services and experience in the most precise form.

#2. Jot down the Client's Requirement

Whenever you score a project do make sure that you jot down all the requirements of a project, so that you do not miss out on any of the specifics, otherwise that might lead to a drastic impact on your reputation. It's better to ask rather than assume and tamper with your reputation. Keep the client updated with the recent developments so that the changes can be made at that particular moment, which would certainly help you save some work hours which you can invest in another project.

#3. Stay in Touch With the Client

One of the most important aspect of being a freelancer is that you would need to be available to all your clients especially during the business hours. If you fail to reply to an email promptly, then the client might take you as an incompetent freelancer who has no ability to be able to handle timelines. If the need be, make use of auto-response feature on your mailbox so that the client is informed about your unavailability, rather than leaving them in the middle of nowhere.

#4. Quotations and pricing

One of the most critical aspect of freelance as a profession is pricing and quotations. As a fresh starter, this aspect of freelance might appear to be a mammoth task. However, with time and increase in experience as a freelancer you will learn the ropes of pricing and sending quotes for a project. To start with, keep your quotes comparatively low so as to keep the clients expectations lower. In the long run, you will be able to determine the probable cost of a project. Over pricing might lead a client to expect the unexpected. It would further narrow down to disappointment to each, your client and you.

So with all these measures on a day-to-day basis will definitely help you deep-seat your career as a freelancer.

Now you have known all the reasons to resign from your full-time job along with the tips to scale-up your freelance business. Let us take a look at the two most popular profiles or roles which have the highest number of job openings all across the globe.

Top Roles In Freelancer Jobs

Content Developers: The consumption on online related content has surpassed the consumption of agricultural or energy produce, hence, content developers or writers are much more in demand like never before. As a content developer, you will write or create unique and engaging content that helps website with increase incoming traffic or visitors, leading to higher sales and revenue. The content you will developed could be textual, visual or audio. This role requires those who are creative and know the correct use of language and grammar.

Mobile app development: The popularity of mobile applications has given birth to this career domain. Software development professionals or those who can write codes using programming languages, like; Java and C#. Companies are now targeting mobile or handheld platforms to reach out to a wider set of audiences. As a mobile app develop, you would be responsible for creating applications which could be a service or a tech-based product. This domain is picking up quite well with high demand for programmers who can write efficient and bug-free codes to develop an application.

Final words

Since you have familiarized yourself with the reasons to go for freelancer jobs, tips to establish yourself as a freelancer along with two job profiles with innumerable prospects. Now is the time to send your resignation from that 9 to 5 desk job and start a lifelong journey to emerge as a reputed, skilled and creative freelancer.


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