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Why Your Online Marketing Requires Videos

Updated on November 10, 2016

Back in the days of dial-up connection, video wasn't used very often for marketing purposes. There just wasn't enough bandwidth to stream the video quickly. Since technology has advanced the speed of the Internet, videos are more popular than ever in terms of marketing–and for good reason.

1. Videos Are Popular
Not everyone enjoys reading. You target a large group of people with video who would much rather watch something as opposed to reading a lengthy article. It's much easier for most to digest a video with information rather than read the same content. Not to mention, videos capture an audience easier, especially shorter ones. Statistics even prove the popularity of videos. In fact, 64 percent of all internet traffic comes from video, as noted by Cisco's 2014 Visual Networking Index. Experts project video will make up approximately 80 percent of all web traffic by 2019. Major retailers saw a growth in video views during last season's Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

2. SEO Purposes
Nowadays, SEO isn't just about you knowing how to strategically place keywords and a title tag. Videos now play a role in the SEO ranking process; therefore, adding a video has the ability to boost your rank and ultimately increase sales.

3. Videos Are More Memorable
People recall what happens in videos much more frequently than they do in-text advertisements, which is scientifically proven. A human's brain is more likely to retain information based on emotion and intellect rather than intellect alone.


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