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Why an SEO Copywriter Pays Everybody's Bills

Updated on January 28, 2012

If you hire an SEO Copywriter, or want to become one yourself, this article will prove why the best-trained Copywriters pay for themselves; no matter how much they charge.

What does an SEO Copywriter Do?
These copywriters produce web copy in order to attract visitors to a client's website or blog. This copy can range from short blog posts (100-300 words) to site articles and SEO press releases (300-400 words). It should include suggested page titles, meta descriptions, H1 headings, and internal hyperlinks, although the writer is reliant on the website developer to ensure these are put in right.

Copywriters specialising in SEO must understand how optimisation works. This means they study the best way to do keyword research, to get backlinks, to write anchor text, to use long-tail keyword phrases, appopriate keyword density, and the like.

They must also realise the things to AVOID, called "black hat" techniques (like keyword stuffing), and also penalties for duplicate content which can ruin a site owner's whole strategy. (Imagine being banned from Google search results).

Why would a business client hire an SEO Copywriter?

Most people find it is worthwhile to have a professional write SEO copy for their website home pages, since it can affect exactly where the site ends up in certain Google/Bing searches.This is Lead ATTRACTION. Interestingly, the laws of SEO writing can apply to any website content, such as a LinkedIn profile (for internal searchers), YouTube video (external and internal), or a Hub Page!

It is also imperative that the copywriter knows how to CONVERT a good proportion of the customers who find the site as well; otherwise all their efforts are wasted. Conversion just means writing to engage and persuade the reader to take action. Joining a mailing list is one form of action. Copywriters who have studied such greats as Dan Kennedy, John Caples and Robert Bly will be ahead of the field of 'monkey writers'.


How much does an SEO Copywriter cost?

Ah... the nitty gritty. A freelance SEO Copywriter (that is, a soloist with many clients) may charge from Aust $70 per hour to $150 per hour. The most reputable SEO Copywriter in Australia charges $195 per hour and he is flat out.

Now if you get a three page website copywritten from scratch that may range from $225 to $700. I would normally charge around $308 for a straightforward website, but that is not including a personal visit.

What about Outsourcing on Guru, Elance - Isn't this Cheaper?

It's cheap - when you pay peanuts, you get.... There are a bunch of people in less developed countries doing black hat techniques that may be penalised, or producing nonsensical, unoriginal writing which (with the Google Panda update) will get websites exactly nowhere, which is another reason that many of my clients avoid the outsourcing sites and many more have bad luck stories… especially regarding overseas SEO contractors.

Skills Needed for Website Copywriting

You Need Three Distinct Skills for Website/SEO Copywriting:

  1. It takes many, many hours to learn about how to write for search engines and also keep up with changes to Google's 'rules'. Even though I have had websites since 2005, I spent over two years learning more about SEO - both for our own sites and for clients. Many people employed by companies don't get that time and are malnourished in their knowledge.
  2. It takes a certain person to be a good online researcher and at times interview people. Having a journalism education comes in handy, and three years of academic writing also brushes up your grammatical and referencing skills. Knowing where to find accurate sources helps create a credible outcome.
  3. Freelance Copywriters must have a grounding in marketing and psychology… which words work the best in headlines, knowing and inspiring the audience, and how to word a 'call to action' to incite excitement are just some of the things we need to study.

In addition to these skills, good general knowledge and years of experience in writing will ensure that your writer is fast enough to be efficient and accurate enough to pass through most people's radar. A positive personality will also come across in their writing.


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