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Why being a good Entreprenur is NOT EASY?

Updated on June 30, 2010

Secrets of being a Successful Entrepreneur

In today's world, being a successful entrepreneur in any business is NOT easy. Most network marketers in today's industry think that they understand all the principles of making money online. Statistics has shown that the FAILURE rate in the online network marketing is about 97% and less than 3% of the network marketers succeed in making money.

There are two categories of people in today's Industry - one category of people are the people who live the normal lifestyle - where they go to work, earn for a living and then come back home and enjoy the evening with the family and involve in the routine activities. This kind of lifestyle is good; however with the economic recession and the layoff's - things are getting more and more difficult. With the growth of the new technologies and the companies are always on the constant lookout for cost-cutting methods. They either outsource several jobs to countries where the cost of labor is cheap or use the modern technologies where the efficiency is much higher. As a result of this - layoffs and insecurity is a constant scare. The employers are always on constant lookout for people who are highly skilled in the required technology. This offers very little opportunity for the learning curve for newbies.

The second category of people are those people who are always on the constant lookout to make a difference in their world and lifestyle. Such people are called the WARRIORS. By using the word 'Warrior', I do not mean the warriors in the battlefield - but the people who have a warrior heart and want to make a difference in the world. These people do those activities which are beyond their comfort zone. They set goals, face challenges in life and always constantly lookout for opportunities to improve for themselves. These 'Warriors' have the mindset of an Entrepreneur. They always take risks, face challenges and failures, take the lessons gained from the failures and constantly keep moving ahead in life. They are willing to do everything in order to achieve the life of their dreams. 

Being a successful entrepreneur requires commitment, persistence, patience and a strong determination to take up the challenges that come on the way. It is also very important that people who are willing to adopt the warrior lifestyle should always follow the lessons from their leaders so that their path of learning is less painful and they can achieve success must faster and settle down the life of their dreams!

Shivaram Swamy

Shivaram Swamy
Shivaram Swamy


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