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Why Does Your Business Need A Professional Website?

Updated on April 13, 2015

Let the potential customers find you on the web

Ensure to have a website for increased reach
Ensure to have a website for increased reach | Source


We are presently into the era where the technological world is evolving. Businesses are moving online and websites are seen as the strongest mediums to reach out to the audiences. But, not just that, the businesses are now found interested in exploring the best possible ways to make impact on the target markets by adapting to the digital marketing techniques by taking help of the digital marketing agencies. On the other hand, there exist numerous small and medium businesses that haven’t yet thought over the idea of creating websites for their businesses. The number count of such businesses is very high, specifically among the category of small and medium businesses. So, now is the time that these companies get over the traditional ways of marketing and get a website for their businesses.

If you search ‘why should one have a website’ on Google, hundreds of results will come up giving you valid reasons for why to create one for your business. To simplify this task for you, here is a post that includes all the justified reasons that would motivate you towards getting online presence for your company. Besides, it will even include the affordable ways to get one.

Why to have a professional website?

Look for justified reasons before you consider building a website
Look for justified reasons before you consider building a website | Source

Reasons that justify the idea of creating a website

  • Increased reach
  • Competitive analysis
  • Helps to know customers’ direct feedback
  • Effective communication

The fact sheet

Would you believe me if I say I am an entrepreneur and I don’t have a website for my business? Surely you won’t, but to your surprise, most of the small businesses don’t have one. They still have faith in their dependence on the word of mouth or direct marketing. In the last few years, the impact of digital marketing has surely influenced the businesses to move online and ensure impactful increase in their market reach. However, it cannot be denied that a major segment of the small and medium businesses still do not have their presence across the web to drive them to growth. As per the data taken from the US Census Bureau, out of the 14,441,089 businesses surveyed in the US, only 3,580,247 businesses had websites, whereas 10,860,842 still operate without the online visibility. This research was conducted in the month of January, 2015.

Besides, as per a study carried out by Google and Ipsos MediaCT in the past, it was found that 55% of the small and medium businesses operate without online presence. On the other hand, the study found a considerable growth in the online presence of the businesses, who have their websites. It was also noticed during the study that most of the small and medium business owners welcome the idea of creating one if it doesn’t take a lot of time, effort, and money.

Having reviewed this data, you now know it well that there is still a long way to go for the companies, which still don’t have their presence online. In this era, technology drives a man. We are now much ahead of the time when technology was hardly accessible for a common man. At present, technology is handy to each one of us. This calls for a reality check for the businesses, who still haven’t adapt to this technological advancement. This can be alarming for these businesses and their growth. Thus, it’s time to make them know that it is crucial to have a website and that too a responsive web design. Now, the question is how to get a it designed for your organization. The answer is simple. Nothing could be more helpful than a web designing company. It is a crucial step needed to be taken by every entrepreneur so as to take the business forward.

Reasons that most of the small companies cite for not having a website

  • It is costly
  • The business isn’t really big to have a website
  • The nature of business doesn’t demand it
  • The profits from the offline marketing look fine
  • Managing a website is difficult

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What wonders could a website do?

If you still need reasons to know why to get a website for your businesses, just look around and ask people where they find the best collection for their wardrobes or how they get to know about the best eating joint around. The answer would surely be the internet. So, why not use most of the web and reach out to the audiences that are unable to find you in their search results on web. So, take a step ahead and look for a professional web design that defines your business objectives. Another significant thing is to ensure that everything goes right. Once after having developed your professional website, you can also review how it performs, how much time does a visitor spend on the site, and other crucial things with the help of Google Analytics. This would help know the performance of your business on the web.

Build a website for your business

Try to find the right web development company that offers customized solutions
Try to find the right web development company that offers customized solutions | Source

Build a website for increased reach

Ensure that your business makes more impact with a website
Ensure that your business makes more impact with a website | Source

How to build a website for your business?

Now, if you have prioritized getting a website for your company then you need to make a checklist of what all you need to ensure. The first step here should be figuring out how you would get it done. There are two ways to do it. First is to make it for free online and the other is to simply get in touch with the web development companies to help you out. These companies provide all the solutions that are crucial for your website’s development and its existence on the web.

Now, if you wish to opt for the first option, which lets you create a free website, you may proceed. Further, if you wish to get customized solutions, it’s better to contact a web development company.

Here, you need to consider a few factors to get it right.

  • Think over the budget
  • Define the purpose of the website
  • Make sure the web design you ask for, is responsive
  • Ask your agency about the content management system
  • How good is your website for SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Ensure that only high quality content is being added to the web pages

Learn why do you need a website for your business


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