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Why do you need a website for your business?

Updated on November 7, 2019
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Syed Afiat Rahman is a Digital Marketing Expert in BJIT Group. He has great knowledge of offshore software development system.


We are living in an era of information and communication technology. In this digital world, a website is not a luxury anymore; it has become necessity for all kinds of business; whether it is small or large. If you own a business and you do not have website, you are neglecting a lot of opportunities that can help you grow your business. A website itself can help you accomplish different sales and marketing strategies to get more leads, sales and overall a greater return on investment (ROI).

Who does not like to have a showroom that is open 24/7 with a very low-cost and generates a very good revenue? Well, a website can be that showroom for your business, and of course, you can get them designed according to your own plan. Without further ado, let’s dig deeper into why a website is important for your business.

Cost-effective solution for Sales and Marketing Campaign

Initially, it might cost you to create a website first. However, the benefit it will offer next is far greater compared to the website building cost. For example, while it is time to have enough traffic for your website to create a worthwhile impact on the marketing campaign or product-specific campaign, it really costs next to nothing to do so. A well-designed website can be the center of any business, and through it a company can advertise its business on social networking sites, forums, and other online platforms.

24/7 Accessible

A website is open for 24/7/365. That means it is accessible for almost anytime around the year. Because of this advantage, a customer can visit your website for support information or information on new and upcoming products and services whenever the time is convenient for them. A website act as an always available and invaluable resource for support and information, which would only be accessible in company’s office hours.

Always Convenient

A website is always convenient when it is compared to visiting the shop or company physically. Without a website, a potential customer needs to move around, one shop after another, to find the best product or service for their needs. But only few customers want to do that in this digital era. They want convenience, searching for the products or services while sitting at home, office or anyplace they want. With a website, they can make the purchase decision, then visit the shop or office physically or buy online to get the desired product. So, having a website means providing convenience to customers.

Increased Sales

A well-designed, professional website can provide a significant boost in sales. Before the digital era, people tend to spend a lot of time before making a purchase decision by visiting different shops and markets. A website provides a solution to that, bringing the shops to the customers online or even on social media platforms and lets people shop at a convenient time. Moreover, promoting a product or service has become far easier than convenient offline marketing. All these provide a very positive impact increasing the number of customers and hence the number of sales. Without a website business will lose all these potential customers who make purchase decisions based on their online research. Smart business owners realize this and create a well-designed and functioning website to showcase their products or services.

Greater Reach – Better Marketing

A website provides far greater reach in terms of marketing and customer location. Your customers can be from another city, state, or even from another country because of the benefit of internet. But first, all is needed a well-organized website.

There are also lots of marketing strategies you can use, only if you have an online presence. These internet-based strategies allow you to market your products and services to the online media whenever or wherever you want.

Proven Credibility:

It is a proven fact that a website provides the credibility you deserve for your business. With a website, you are telling your customers why they should trust you as you will provide the client's list, testimonials, and certification information. Customers will check that credibility before making their purchase. And if they found the product or service is good in quality, they will provide others about the company, which creates more potential customers.

Final Words

According to new statistics by eCommerce foundation, about 88% of consumers research product information before making a purchase online or in the store. This consumer behavior represents the importance of a website in today’s business. For this reason, if you want to be successful and grow your business in this digital era, you have got to have well structured, professional website.

If you are interested in developing a website, mobile apps for your business, or want to use digital marketing services to increase sales and reach out to more customers, BJIT Corp can help you. If you’re unfamiliar with BJIT Corp., it’s a California-based company specialized in Developing and Designing Websites, Mobile Apps, and Digital Marketing.


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