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Why good employees leave GREAT COMPANIES?

Updated on February 8, 2016

good companies vs. bad managers

Corporate America is really struggling with good managers and happy employees. Have you ever asked yourself why there is so much turnover these days? I've worked at so many places where I could agree with the fact that management is horrible and has terrible training. From time to time I've noticed that the human resources department has standard rules they have been following for years. Yes, I understand that but when it comes to learning what if we lived in a world where EVERYBODY understands the learning material.

I emphasize on the word EVERYBODY because I've noticed that not everyone learns the same as the "normal" or "general" learning employee does. We all have different ways of retaining information and learning the job. So many people fail these days or there is so much turn over going on due to companies not complying to employees and understanding their needs and assisting them in getting better and focusing on their weakness.

Can I just ask this question? Why let someone go so quickly because they didnt understand the job the way YOU wanted them to learn it? Have you ever considered maybe they have a learning disability or have a different way to learn? You may have just let a great employee go because they didn't finish learning by the standard two week period. It just really upsets me when I see someone really trying to learn the material and they fire them on the spot just because they didn't get the help they needed or had asked for.

Another thing I would like to bring up would be manager's taking their title too far. I have NO respect for managers that do not follow the book of rules of their company just because they have a title and know how to over ride this. It also bothers me when managers do not fill in for sick employees or over abuse other employees with labor at work because THEY do not want to come in or are lazy. At the interview they name off the responsibilities of a supervisor or manager. If you can't adhere to those responsibilities why take the job?


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