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Why Healing Business Is Growing?

Updated on October 30, 2019
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Hi I am Bhushan kummar, poet, brand consultant and Digital Branding Coach. I have written several scripts for TV and radio ads.

Why Healing ?

There are many ways to heal. A good healer may have more than 50 modalities in his repertoire. Crystal Therapy, Stone Therapy, Reiki, Tarot, Past Life Regression Therapy, Sound Healing, Art Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Affirmations, Afformations, Neuro Linguistic Programming – innovative application of psychological and psychic processes and techniques for healing the non-physical self is a field sans boundaries.

I have nothing against these healing practices; in fact I have used one of these many a time and got the desired result.

Let us look into the reason these services are in high demand.

We used to live in a joint family system. We had a whole lot of support system around us, not only financial but emotional as well. There was always somebody around to talk to, or to get support from. Responsibilities were shared, and there was not much pressure on one or two individuals. There were some negatives as well, but the positives outweighed them.

Pan to the current scenario. The old family system is fading away from the cultural map of our society. The nuclear family is fast becoming the norm, expanding its influence from urban to rural areas. The trappings of a modern life are drive up the cost of living in an ever-increasing spiral, requiring more and more household income to manage the endless aspirations. No wonder then that both husband and wife work and earn, and also share domestic responsibilities, in a typical nuclear family. Long commutes lengthen the work-day, and shrink family time.

A dream house in a dream city is the ultimate dream of the middle classes, which grows incrementally into a financial nightmare. In a city like Mumbai or Delhi, a tiny flat in a multi-storey residential complex costs a fortune. State capitals are going the way of the metropolises. A middle-class family cannot afford a big flat, nor can it accommodate a joint family in a small tenement.

There is too much to be done in too little time. We have to cope with too many problems. The implications are clear – work more, relax less, and suffer alone. It is to get overwhelmed by all this, and lose one’s grip on life. That is when we require a force that is bigger than us and our circumstances. A force bigger than our comprehension. A force matched only by our need, and propensity, to believe. In comes the healing practitioner, offering a solution to a problem that we are too busy and lonely to solve by ourselves.



Motivational quotes are also a form of healing

If you are active on social media, you will realise that motivational quotes are a big thing. If you search hashtag mondaymotivation on Instagram, you will find more than 18 million posts, A search for #mondayquotes will throw up around 4 lac posts. Search more variations of quote hashtags like #quotestoliveby, #quotesgram, you will run out of your ability to count. Add Facebook and Pinterest to search on, and you will run our of numbers.

While on this, let me also talk about the motivational speakers. Some of them may be business coaches, but their main pitch is about changing your mindset, and your life. Business coaching and healing frequently flow into each other, as does life itself. Ask Goooooogle and behold the result. From Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Les Brown and Nick Vujicic Ziglar to Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma and Shiv Khera, there are millions (hundreds and thousands, if not millions) of them. There are scholars and intellectuals, persons who have excelled entrepreneurs, leaders, spiritual gurus, sportspersons, persons who have transcended their disabilities.

To my mind, the quotes and the coaches are also part of the healing ecosystem.


It is all in the mind. Or is it?

All these healers say our life is guided by our thoughts. Whatever we think is reflected in our behaviour and our behaviour shapes our lives. So, it is important to change your thoughts. Once the thoughts change, everything else will too in a sort of domino effect.

So many workshops and seminars are conducted to change people’s mindset. T Harv Eker's Millionaire Mindset is one of the most popular in this area. In fact Robin Sharma's famous book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is also an advocacy of indirect healing. Robin Sharma is a big name in this area, and his book addresses the problems of modern life and ways to solve them.

There are two broad ways of healing – direct and indirect. Crystal, Reiki and similar modalities I would put in the direct category; they give us direct solution, irrespective of any follow-up action on our part. Motivational talks and books are in the indirect category; they show us the way, and inspire us, to heal ourselves.

Which one works better? Or, as many people ask, do they work at all? There are enough numbers on both sides. Let me not sit in judgement. But one thing is sure – everyone is looking for a solution, everyone is restless, everyone is in searching which google can not not answer. Only the seeker can find the real answer.

How does healing work?

All living organisms heal themselves by nature. Wounds, ailing body parts or broken hearts – they all recover and heal with time. But then every system appears to have a limit, beyond which it is unable to cope with stress. It is here that one requires intervention – whether to resolve the issue, or to help tap into one’s own, deeper resources. A dog in our pursuit can make us run faster than we would ever do by ourselves. A significant other can similarly inspire us to achieve more than we ever did. In either case, it is us who do the running or achieving, not the dog or our love interest. Which we means we have it within us to solve our problems; it is just that we do not always operate optimally or maximally.

Indirect healing helps us explore within, and mobilize the immense potential ensconced within each of us. Direct healing, on the other hand, taps into the realm of faith, much like the soothing murmur of Phunsuk Wangdoo in Three Idiots – all is well, all is well. And all becomes well.

Essentially, we don’t know what we are, and what we can do. Healing – conscious or subconscious, intended or serendipitous – is that wonderful process of connecting with ourselves. The moment we do that, magic happens.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Bhushan Kummar


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